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  1. Julia

    Episode 7 — Expensive Pillow

    Finally I can get rid of those night sobs!
  2. Julia

    Episode 27 — Abandon Sex!

    This episode mentions The Spectrum, Rocky, AND Dolph Lundgren? Whoa, Philly pride! P.S. Bad news, Andy. The Spectrum was demolished earlier this year. You're going to have to fight at a stadium named after a corporation.
  3. I <3 Bob's lists! I'd really love to hear an episode where Bob reads his weekly grocery list.
  4. Julia

    Episode 11.5 — Minisode Twelve

    I love how most people would see an awful movie and think 'Whoa, I never want to sit through that again.' But Paul will see a horrible film and actually pay money to sit through it multiple times in a theater. Kudos on your strength, Paul. I don't know that I could do that.
  5. Julia

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    Glad to know I'm not the only one watching inordinate amounts of Law & Order and its spin-offs. Also, the "bag of oats" comment about Sex & the City was hilarious!
  6. Finally I can get a hold of those meandering kneecaps!
  7. Julia

    Episode 45 — Fear Dorito

    So many funny moments in this episode! The animal justice discussion, atheism due to Creed's music, and Jesse Ventura's website URLs had me cracking up.
  8. Bob Ducca has always been my favorite Comedy Bang Bang character. (And that's tough, because there are so many hilarious ones.) Bravo for giving him his own show!
  9. My bear was a Berenstain Bear.
  10. Julia

    Episode 1 — Our First Time

    Loved the first episode! Looking forward to following this podcast, ladies.
  11. Julia

    Episode 26 — Have A Summah

    This episode has me pumped for SUMMAH! Thanks, guys!
  12. Julia

    Episode 1 — Hand Putty

    Was Bob Ducca's show launch timed to follow Oprah's retirement? Because that's genius.
  13. The national anthem's lyrics should be changed to 'Jeremy Piven.'