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  1. Julia

    Episode 96.5 — 10/5/12 TWO CHARTED 35

    It's difficult to rank, since they're all great, but I think this may be the greatest Howard chart of all time. I had to pull over my car due to the hysterical laughs I had during Wie-Wie's beast noises. I need to re-listen immediately!
  2. Julia

    Episode 179 — Pitch Slapped

    Sometimes I wish that Scott would talk about Bat Dance in every episode, but it's so much more fun when it randomly comes up in conversation. Vicki-Vicki Vale!
  3. Julia

    Episode 115 — Shiza Porn

    Resident fantasy-ologist Jesse Thorn comes up with the best topics ever!
  4. Jackie Clarke has so many great lines in this one! I vote for more ladies-only (plus Matt) episodes of I4H! This was fun!
  5. Julia

    Episode 96 — Vegan Jock

    Ku-Ku and The Dragon are the best Whooch nicknames yet!
  6. This was so much fun to see live! If you're in LA, go to the live Fogelnest Files! It's great! It was especially fun when the audience went from laughter and smiles and happiness to looks of absolute horror during the Dogs of Glory music video. That makeup is legitimately upsetting.
  7. Julia

    Episode 113.5 — Sklarbro County 18

    My only exposure to Medieval Times is The Cable Guy and this podcast, and I hope it stays that way!
  8. Julia

    Nothing But Trouble

    Yes! I remember seeing parts of this as a child and being really freaked out by it. Not because it was scary. Just the utter lack of any sense or comedy.
  9. I was pretty apathetic towards Garfield until listening to this episode. Now I know that I truly hate that son of a bitch. Thanks, Jake!
  10. Julia

    Episode 95 — Groove Workshop

    Ram Hand didn't engineer this one. It was DIY mustard enthusiast Engineer Brett. (Who I believe has also received at least a half dozen nicknames so far from Howard.)
  11. Julia

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Now... go to the HDTGM Facebook page & tell Paul Scheer which Halloween movie should be selected: Halloween 3, Halloween 6, or Sleepaway Camp?
  12. Julia

    Episode 177 — Penises Abounding

    This episode was fantastic, but it could have used more penises.
  13. This was two hours of sheer delight! I'm so happy all of my favorite I4H bits are in one place! I especially forgot how much I enjoyed the Star Trek conversation with Neclord with Matt yelling "he's just a fucking head!" I can't wait to see what makes it onto Best Of Vol. 2!
  14. Julia

    Episode 113 — Jockstrap Boner

    I love James Adomian! And I really enjoy the Sklarbro episodes that give us a peek at the people behind all the characters!
  15. Sorry for the delay, folks! There was a delay across the board for iTunes users this morning. We were told that it may be due to heavy traffic from the release of the iOS6. According to the referee, THAT'S NOT OKAY! This episode is now in iTunes! Enjoy!
  16. This episode is so fantastic. The ending "we cut to Lauren's house after improv4humans" was hilarious, but did anyone else get a really big kick out of Matt Besser getting pumped up to Nicki Minaj? Didn't see that coming!
  17. Joe Walsh making up lyrics to Ohio and singing along to his own guitar solos had me in tears. Chris Cox is consistently hilarious!
  18. Zach freaking out during the in-home bullying book club was hilarious!
  19. Julia

    Episode 110.5 — Sklarbro County 15

    Yes! I love when there's tennis talk on the calming shores! The Burlington Coat Factory insanity might be my favorite County news story to date. By the way, guys, I was recently selected to be a bridesmaid for the first time. The wedding isn't until the spring, but I can honestly tell you, not all ladies are excited about that stuff. In fact, I remember directly telling friends in high school: "Someday some of you will get married. DO NOT feel guilty about leaving me out of the wedding party. Pick someone who wants it more." Alas, my pleas fell on deaf ears! Gotta buy that taffeta!
  20. Julia

    Episode 91 — Song Doctors

    He has also played a murderous/kinda goofy vampire. Does that count?
  21. Julia

    Episode 109.5 — Sklarbro County 14

    The County and Country have several people who do characters - among them are Chris Cox, Jason Nash, and James Adomian. Dan Van Kirk, in addition to bringing hilarious news stories to Tuesday's County, also does characters, like Mark Wahlberg and Steven Seagal!
  22. Julia

    Episode 90 — Doom-Wop

    Kulap's going to have to start taking Howard to the movies if he's ever going to reach his goal!
  23. Julia

    Episode 108 — Pew Felt

    Just used the Bonobos offer code to send my little brother a back-to-school gift. He's going to be the most stylish kid at college!
  24. Julia

    Episode 89.5 — 8/17/12 TWO CHARTED 28

    I can confirm that here at Earwolf HQ, I've taken to calling the shows Whooch and Tooch. Let's take the good word(s) to the people!
  25. Julia

    Episode 108 — Pew Felt

    Rory's German character has me in tears! The idea of him putting out a comedy album with bonus discs as the German and the southern coach is a fantastic idea!