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  1. brotherTodd

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    The funniest stabbing since that episode of the Jeffersons where Gerorge got... uh stabbed.
  2. brotherTodd

    Episode 85 — Sklarwood Luncheon 2012

    Gymkata was my favorite movie during my youth, and taught me to be wary of beckoning priests with suspect robes, old crones screaming out of windows, and towns of crazy people in general.
  3. brotherTodd

    Episode 43 — How They Met

    Hot cotton tent, as in, "Gee, that cotton tent is really warm", or "Wow, that cotton tent sure is sexy"?
  4. brotherTodd

    Episode 41 — Knee Crunching

    I've had it for years, but mine stays crunchy in milk.
  5. brotherTodd

    Episode 9 — Dimensions

    I want to hear more about Goobers and was wondering if I could have some...