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  1. Set between the events of the first and second films, Kevin's parents have divorced, and he lives with his mom. He decides to go spend Christmas with his dad and his rich girlfriend, Natalie as he is tired of being distreated by his siblings, Buzz and Megan, but finds himself having to deal with his old nemesis Marv, and his new sidekick and wife, Vera as they are planning to kidnap a prince from a famous family that is coming to Natalie's house for Christmas as he uses her Smart House to stop them with his unique booby traps.

  2. In the episode you said you have about 3000 short clips.

    If you want to grow your audiance, maybe you should turn the clips into 3000 short videos that have text that says something like "Hear more great comedy like this at www.EARWOLF.com" and put the videos on youtube with relevant tags. So when people are watching stand up videos of people that have been on earwof, your videos will show up in the related videos section.

    It's like free advertising for Earwolf.