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  1. it's so sad, open manholes were a huge problem back in Mel Brooks' heyday and here we are in 2015 still falling into open manholes. when, O when, will our comedians stop falling into the sewer
  2. Dear guest, Have you ever performed underwater, or partially submerged in water? Just wondering.
  3. I finally finished running the numbers and the number computer said it;s one of the best. in the same air as the travel bug with august lindt, and uhh the number computer died trying to think of a second example. number computer had a few tonite
  4. I'll have to run the numbers but I think this is the funniest episode of hollywood handbook, the podcast.
  5. douglas doesn't necessarily think you're going to let us out of Room today to my feverish, exhausted mind, this is poetry. love this ep. sorry if I coughed on anyone on the way in here
  6. I like Brendon Walsh a lot but yowie zowie, fella
  7. SO HAPPY Scott's objection to Swamp Thing's inclusion in the Monster Fuck has continued for another year
  8. I wonder how many podcasts have two separate instances of talking about eating a big bowl of hair, involving two different members of Wild Horses. it could be a big number but my personal guess is not many, not many at all. what a rare gift we've been given on this day
  9. s&h are bringing it so hard in the guest segment, I can't handle it. it was brought to me too hard, and now I've mishandled it. I'm so sorry.
  10. got me pegged, I doo doo a whole lot. ha ha
  11. Dear Ms. Allynne, Is it better to own one car, or two motorcycles? They have the same number of wheels but past that I'm stumped. Thank you.
  12. also I couldn't fit these in anywhere, maybe because they're dumb "I'm aware of Cathy (the comic strip) and her catchphrase," Tom acknowledged. "Yeah, I suppose whenever I say Cathy's catchphrase, I also say the opposite of 'east' strangely", Tom acquiesced. "You're right, I didn't need that ferd," Tom deferred. " I should also mention I split my vulge in two," Tom divulged.
  13. "Want to listen to my favorite R.E.M. album?" Tom murmured. "You should get close to me if you know what's good for you," Tom intimated intimidatingly. "I have an idea... marry me or I'll stab you," Tom proposed pointedly. "Ah, I dropped my knife because I'm also holding a bunch of plant babies," Tom disarmingly conceded. "Oh! You're strangling me!" Tom gasped. (I couldn't think of anything good for this one) "Ugh, I can't breathe anymore...!" said Tom ex-aspiratedly. "Ah... I can see my other favorite REM album..." croaked Tom, meeting his Reckoning.
  14. if you ever have a snake problem then spend the entire day drinking with abandon, it's what worked for ol' St. Patrick
  15. This really did it for me, giggle-wise. Mmmm.... thanks.
  16. I'm worried that marriage has been a little too stimulating for our darling boy Sean. The Shocker Finger?? Is this the sort of filth you start talking about when you enter a committed relationship
  17. [poignant zach braff voice] where do you think we are
  18. This is the second earwolf podcast in two days to talk about cyberbullying on Myspace. freaky and fucked up. It's like a glitch in the Matrix and I don't want to be robot This was a good episode. I liked Sean's very quiet "study halls" during the Monsters Inc discussion because it reminded me of the We Are Your Friends trailer, even though it's just a normal phrase. I think my mind is poisoned
  19. mwn

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    That plugs theme was legit great. I hope the next plugs theme samples everyone digitally cumming
  20. no one in this whole podcast review sidebar has mentioned Uhh Yeah Dude, so I will. "Uhh Yeah Dude"
  21. Here's my opinions for anyone interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=_b_mmSzVEoo my opinions are a video game gif and an unrelated video game song, mashed together incohesively, I should mention. they're really really bad opinions goddamn how do you embed videos. I'm not sober this is too hard. nevermind ugh