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  1. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    Nope. "Thrift Store" is extra sucky in relation to the praise it's getting. Also it just sucks. That being said, there's no shame in liking music that sucks.
  2. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    This guy was set up as a bit of a blowhard from the get-go. He wasn't the best guest ever, but I found his relationship with Howard endearing. I wholeheartedly disagree with his opinion about that awful Macklemore song though. That song suuuucks.
  3. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Looked up 'redskin potatoes' and THIS popped up.
  4. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    That's pretty much everyone's main motivation for hypocrisy though, isn't it?
  5. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    I love Gillian's 'tude! She's great.
  6. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    Were the intros for Celebrity Crush Hat and Road to Rock Band both from the same episode? I think they were . . . I wish those two Canadians would just take a trip to LA and be on a bunch of podcasts.
  7. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    Busted checking out Kulap's bozons in that first picture! What a douchebag. His idea of "rock and roll shopping" makes me genuinely angry . . .
  8. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 113 — Pullin Wool

    Rob Huebel has an attitude that's somehow cocky and self-deprecating at the same time, and it is 100% hilarious. He's always an engaging guest on podcasts. Listen to his 2 appearances on Jordan, Jesse, Go! if you haven't already. All the Chris Gore mentions actually made me go back and try to listen to that episode again. I bailed when he started talking about "rock and roll shopping." That guy really was the worst guest ever.
  9. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Good on ya Choctaw! Another great podcast that consistently and deliberately has hilarious female guests is Stop Podcasting Yourself.
  10. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 110 — Single Guy Vibe

    Couldn't agree more. There are some scenes in Farts and Procreation (especially when he tries to be smooth with police officers) that crack me up.
  11. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    Nielsen ratings are as outdated as microwave cookbooks. That really sucks.
  12. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    Holy cow Lennon Parham was great in this episode. And Martin Starr sure was quick with the 'Yes, and . . .' Neil Campbell was great, but his bit kind of got stepped on. I missed out on all the BFF stuff because I live in a land down under. What happened? Was it bad promotion? Or did most Americans just fail to appreciate another great TV show?
  13. 2COOL4U69

    I miss...

    Please bring it back to life. I miss all the good laughs. Personally, I could do without Doug's constant plugging - it totally sucks the fun out of the whole concept for me. I don't live anywhere near those shows and I couldn't give a shit about getting my hands on a Woot monkey, whatever the hell that is. How about a podcast called "Earplugs" for all that sort of stuff?
  14. 2COOL4U69

    Summah Songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTkjs6b72sw The audio sucks, but it's pretty summah. Too bad it aint summah Down Undah anymore . . .
  15. 2COOL4U69

    Episode 28 — Who Charted? Book Club

    Eeyuss! Made my listening to this. David Koechner seems like such a friendly guy, though I guess that's no surprise.