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  1. I had to google this to check if it was a joke or real, and now I'm sad.
  2. theorrhea

    Guest suggestions

    I just had what feels like a great idea - there should be an Improv4Humans/Fogelnest Files crossover episode. Basically, have the entire episode based around the Crap on youtube segment, with Fogelnest curating the videos. Also just have Lennon Parham be on every episode.
  3. theorrhea

    Episode 136 β€” A Nye For A Nye

    I nearly choked myself when you guys pulled that reference to Brimstone and Treacle. I bought a VHS copy of that movie for a dollar from a grungy video store in Quebec that was converting to dvds. Two things about that movie are burned into my mind: 1. the movie ends with Sting's character molesting this comatose girl and then jumping out a window, only for it to be revealed that in doing so he had cured her. I just checked wikipedia to make sure this wasn't a crazy fever dream i had, and yeah, that is literally how that fucking movie ends. 2. These two sentences were on the back cover of the videotape: "This film packs a bite - and a Sting!" "Don't call The Police - they're already here!"
  4. theorrhea

    What's the episode where...?

    I've had this weird bit of dialogue stuck in my head for the past few days, and I don't know where it's from - I originally thought it was from a Jay Pinkerton article, but after fruitless googling I realized it sounds a lot like a Would You Rather? scenario. So: people are talking about someone being stuck on a roller-coaster with their nauseous dad, and someone jokes about how the dad "gets queasy easily - he's queasily". This is like when a snippet of a song gets stuck in my head - it'll say there until I listen to the whole thing.
  5. theorrhea

    Episode 200 β€” Halfway To China

  6. theorrhea

    Episode 113 β€” Pullin Wool

    The thing that amazed me about this episode is that Kulap never thought to ask Howard how old he is in a stern voice.
  7. Yo, Lander - check yourself! That rationale of "men are disgusting, this is a good reason for ladies to cover up" is the exact same attitude that enables rape and all kinds of bad shit. It gives men licence to be horrible, since the implicit message is that all men are creeps, and all women know this, and any woman that doesn't dress to protect herself from that is asking for it. Not necessarily saying anything about burkas/hijabs/niqabs, but that rationale is WACK AS FUCK.
  8. I was going to write a whole bunch about how Night of the living dead created the modern idea of a zombie, and how it was pretty awesome and progressive about race, but then I remembered reading Roger Ebert's review of the movie, which is kind of amazing, not only because of its Sixties racism,: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19670105/REVIEWS/701050301/1023
  9. I haven't listened to this episode yet, but I found this video on youtube and I had to share it somewhere: Jason (I think) wearing a bowling shirt and a wallet chain in 1999. I know it's kinda boring to make fun of old fashions, but on the other hand, look at those rolled up pant legs and those chunky plastic watches. And that soul patch. hee hee. Their set kills tho.
  10. theorrhea

    Episode 98 β€” A Wordy MΓ©nage

    More evidence! "I don't forget."
  11. theorrhea

    Episode 180 β€” Friends Without Words

    The extended build-up to Garry Marshall's name is up there in the pantheon of the greatest PFT introductions.
  12. theorrhea

    Episode 97.5 β€” 10/12/12 TWO CHARTED 36

    You guys talked about how the podcast is making Howard nerdy like Kulap, but Kulap being confused about the word friday makes me think she's becoming more like Howard. One can only assume that they'll eventually become the same person. Here's looking forward to "One Charted with KuWie and WieLap" in 2015.
  13. theorrhea

    Episode 46 β€” Barb Wire

    I know a podcast episode is good when I start weirding people out on the bus - when June said that Barb Wire is a feminist role model I blurted out "How dare you!"
  14. I was confused the first time I read this, because my brain interpreted "binging" as "the act of using Bing Google to search the internet."
  15. theorrhea

    Episode 84 β€” Podcuddle

    I pretty much agree with the general opinion on this one. Two things: Come on, man. Come on, man.
  16. theorrhea

    Episode 166 β€” Farts and Procreation 2

    Do you mean The Godfather of Green Bay starring Jimmy Pardo? Because if so, yes.
  17. theorrhea

    Episode 166 β€” Farts and Procreation 2

    I think Rodney Aug and Blaise might be Huell Howser’s cousins.
  18. theorrhea

    Episode 75.5 β€” 5/11/12 TWO CHARTED 14

    I can't decide whether "daffy" or "loopy" best describes the way Howard's brain works. Naming contest - how about we call it "Eye-Wrench One"?
  19. theorrhea

    Episode 74 β€” Engorged Heart Clit

    I don't know what it means, but I actually felt myself get legitimately angry at Rob for the way he treated Hermes.
  20. theorrhea

    Episode 74.5 β€” 5/4/12 TWO CHARTED 13

    He's more interested in his own pole. BOOM! ZOOM!
  21. theorrhea

    Episode 148 β€” Wipeout!

    Yeah, this was definitely one of those episodes where you immediately listen a second time. I have to say, though, I don't think Scott and Jason handled Andy's intervention that well. If I've learned anything from watching The Walking Dead, it's that you should leave suicidal people alone in a room with a knife.
  22. theorrhea

    Episode 32 β€” 88 Minutes

    This comment thread could be your life. (I guess we know who's the hippest person on the podcast, although I guess that's not that big of a feat when the guest is Pete Holmes.)
  23. theorrhea

    Con Air.

    I apologize if someone suggested this already - I didn't find anything when I searched, but I can't really believe no one's suggested this yet. - Nicholas Cage, mullet edition. - A LeeAnn Rimes prominently featured a minute in. - Important Social Commentary: there's a scene where the "Black Militant" bad guy whips a bunch of white dudes who are towing a plane with ropes. - Bruckheimer-standard Wacky Minorities. - A character named Swamp Thing. - most importantly, the following exchange: "Please, Cyrus, please... Cy-" "Onora." *Throws lit cigarette onto gasoline*
  24. theorrhea

    Episode 61 β€” Time Traveling Skrillex

    Jason Mantzoukas guesting = GOOD TIMES. You guys should have him back to do a series of special "Analyze Math Rock" episodes, culminating in a trip to the UK where you take a bunch of Adderall at a This Town Needs Guns concert.