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  1. 1) I had listened to a couple Totally Laimes and downloaded the Complete guide to everything, but I don't think I got around to listening yet.
    2) None
    3) I got Little Dum Dums, and the F+, both of which I like quite a bit. I'm going to be digging into the other shows eventually as well
    4) Totally Laime I listened to the PFT episode, which was great, but that seems kind of unfair to judge (PFT is like podcast steroids, you have to put an asterisk). That being said, I'm going to go back to it. F+ I like a lot, Little Dum Dum club I like a lot but I've only listened to the American comic episodes so far. They seem like they know what they're doing though so I'm sure it'll still be good.
    5) I'm not a "Regular" listener to any of them, probably because I'm trying to sample too many podcasts at once!
    6) I think of the ones I've listened to, the F+ has had the hardest time getting their concept across in clips, but the other shows are all chat based, so I feel it's pretty easy since the format is familiar.

    I really think any of the shows would be good. There's a couple I could tell weren't to my particular taste, but I think the producers did a great job only getting podcasts that have pretty high potential.

  2. Date with Batman did have a similar setup to Date with Medusa. I think the advantage was, the writing was sharper, it was a lot quicker, and Batman has a few more points of reference than Medusa (who only really has like three things people generally think of). Interesting to see a similar premise with a different execution though.

    Also, the fact that this wasn't a first date with Bruce Wayne let them really skip straight to the absurdity of the situation-- no need for introductions. I wonder if the fort had taken that direction with the Medusa sketch-- the relationship of someone who continues to date Medusa despite the snakes if it would of been less predictable or more interesting.

  3. In reference to the fairly short elimination show this week, I had an idea. It may be too late to add this in to this "season" since I know you pre tape pretty far in advance. If you do launch an "Earwolf Challenge mk. 2, what about letting contestants submit a five or ten minute "best of" their show to play after they're eliminated. A kind of "hey, we're not on this podcast anymore, but check here's some of our best stuff, maybe you want to come check us out". Regular reality shows pad things out with endlessly replaying the previous weeks performances, which I think might be boring, but giving the podcasts a last chance to grab some extra ears would be supportive, possibly really funny, and since it would be at the end after the elimination--- totally skippable if you already know you weren't on board. Really hoping for a challenge mark 2, by the way, I've been really enjoying it so far.

  4. I think the original poster was pretty reasonable in his request. Just think about it. If someone's using a slur and isn't aware how it makes certain people feel, it doesn't make them a horrible person, but it doesn't mean you cant point it out either. Being aware of how your communicating is important in comedy. If you say something offensive as part of a joke, that can be totally great. If you say something offensive that has nothing to do with your joke, you may just be distracting people from what's actually supposed to make them laugh.

    My point is, use whatever language you like, but it's not wrong for someone to let you know how it makes them feel, and it may even change your mind. You may be saying something you're not actually trying to say.

  5. I felt weirdly really proud of the F+ for their sketch. I really like the "Wu tang aesthetic" of the podcast, but it was great to see them come through with something so polished...would actually be a really great addition to the actual show, if a lot more work.

    Totally Laime I think was deservedly picked on...I think it's a good show, and I couldn't see it actually being cut for the poor sketch...they can take a little bottom three time safely I think. All the shows are getting closer together in consistent quality, so cuts are going to be rough.

    Ironically, though I didn't laugh at the TL sketch while it was in progress, 8 hours later thinking about the concept actually makes me giggle...kind of bummed they didn't roll with the Riddler comment for some Batman synchronicity.

    I'm also in favor of the fort getting cut. They have great production, but none of their sketches have really worked for me, maybe just not my sensibility, but that would be my pick.

  6. One of the interesting things about this show is it can really only work as a podcast. The podcast about podcasting only works as a podcast? Great point! But there really is a need for the "buy in" that podcasts require-- they don't have to keep re setting, or pumping up the energy every few minutes because the only way you can experience it is linearly. I think that skews the show towards being able to be actually helpful, while still being really entertaining. There's a behind the scenes element that doesn't have to be exaggerated too much for consumption.

    I'm not sure losing this competition is such a bad thing, even if your not on the earwolf network, just getting two minutes of your content out to people who might otherwise of only read a 5 sentence description is pretty huge. Also, I'm guessing the earwolf challange audience are for the most part big podcast listeners who are looking for new content. You guys already started prepping for season 2?

  7. This week also won me over for the F+, I was a little skeptical of the premise originally, but It cracked me up. I think though I have a weakness for any show where the hosts are laughing. Do you think I just crave human connection? This started out as a comment on the show but now I'm worried I have emotional issues.

    Anyway, love the show! Keep it up!

  8. Does anyone have a favorite as of yet? There's still a few too many contestants for me to get a hold of what's going on with them.

    I also think it's interesting that Matt's all about the podcasters not creating an intro that they wont actually use. Reality TV is all about doing whatever possible to meet the challenge, regardless of if they'd ever use it. It's a much saner approach, though creates less painfully forced drama.