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  1. Tombrien

    Episode 149 — Live from SXSW 2012

    James Adomian was great as Alf.
  2. Tombrien

    Episode 43 — Taste

    I vote Kyle phoning his mother as a segment!!!! She is pretty smart to realise she's on speaker phone, and then bring up his AIDS story.
  3. Tombrien

    Episode 146 — Climbing the Ladder

    Aw man, Popcorn.com is down again! It's like every time I check.
  4. I love that David Blaine's voice has become Bobcat Goldthwait for some reason.
  5. Thanks for the review, Bob, I really dodged a bullet on this one.
  6. Tombrien

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    Of course Garry Busey is in the Enigma Force 5.
  7. Tombrien

    Episode 41 — Magic

    So glad there's an episode pretty much about Criss Angel Mindfreak, cos I watched one episode of that show and it had my FAVOURITE MAGIC TRICK EVER!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVosmZk8eDo THAT GIRL JUST GOT MINDFUCKED
  8. Tombrien

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    "Teach a man to Phish" should've bin the name of the show. ...nah Analyze Phish is pretty good, but that was also funny.
  9. After 60 seconds, I laughed when I noticed this was a 15 minute podcast. oh boy
  10. That pimp voice in the virgin sketch was pretty familliar!
  11. Tombrien

    Episode 140 — Ron Swanson Off

    OMG! Congrats on being plugged on the show, Yotam! yyutim peauurl.
  12. Tombrien

    Episode 48 — Hello 2012!

    I was waiting for Don Dimello or Andrew Lloyd Webber to bust in at 26:15.
  13. I don't see a lot of improv outside of this site, but does it always involve demons?
  14. Tombrien

    Episode 136 — 2011 Holiday Spectacular

    "HARRIS I'LL MISS YOU MOST OF ALL!" I don't know who does that impression of Frasier, but even after being a fan for about 60+ episodes I thought for a sec "is that the real Kelsey Grammer".
  15. Tombrien

    Episode 28 — Make It Snow

    I don't usually listen to this but IT WAS GREAT! I love hearing at the end when she figures out "I have three things to plug" was a joke. And that they wouldn't drop the donkey impression
  16. Tombrien

    Episode 135 — Scavenge and the Wisemen

    It really got me when Scott drove away at 49:50. what a nut!
  17. Tombrien

    Episode 97 — Santa Anas!

    I haven't listened to this yet but guh! I wish I knew someone like Janie Tompkins, she's like candy and puppies infinity. Only girls I know are complete stone-faced bitches :-I
  18. Tombrien

    Gelmania II

    This podcast is gonna make for some great evidence in court when Brett finally murders a person, or kills himself.
  19. Tombrien

    Episode 133 — Fortunately Unfortunately

    Aaaaaa I don't like these surreal mind-control ones. @David Thomas This is Earwolf- of course there is an improbably complicated, multiple-year-spanning backstory on "What's up hotdog".
  20. Tombrien

    Episode 43 — Earwolf Thanksgiving

    Jeff's nightmare was that people would stop leaving Eardrops... I don't know if I wanna be the one to tell him that there's not bin an Eardrop update in like six months, he might lose it :/
  21. Tombrien

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    Jenny's talking shell voice is PRETTY MUCH Elizabeth Laime's regular voice :I
  22. Tombrien

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    I thought this was kinda funny, but maybe I was just unnerved by how real it was. This is like the Pod F Tompkast from a terrifying murder-dimension.
  23. Tombrien

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    Does anyone else think Sappity Tappity sounds like a drunk Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber?
  24. I didn't sleep last night cos I was lookin up what some comedians have done recently, and interviews, and podcasts of them. I've never done that before, and I think Earwolf is totally to blame. I've always bin interested in how good comedy gets made, but over the passed year I've grown super interested. I've got another passion that I kind-of know all about now, and it's lost some magic now that I'm behind the curtain, but I'm still at Stage 1 with comedy. So what's some super faggoty college-boy stuff I should watch about stand-up, or comedians, or how some of these people got so good at what they're doing, etc?
  25. Tombrien

    Episode 128 — Coach? Coach? Coach?

    I'm 3 minutes in and I just checked the store to see if they actually were selling hot-sauce.