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  1. I listen to Jay's podcast and think it's cool! Never thought I'd see him on Comedy Bang Bang!

    Guy's fun as hell, listen to the Jen Kirkman episode of Mohr Stories!


    The episode of CBB where "sarah silverman" shows up is fantastic.

    Yeah that was an awesome one.

  2. I watched every episode!

    The end was fucking crazy, cos at the start they were all broke and Vinny was a coke fiend or something, and then the last 5 minutes was "We're all millionaires! We're getting married! Ari is the president! Everything always works out!"

    It was like a weird Twilight Zone ending.


    ...never listened before, this podcast is loud.

  3. It's funny this should come up, cos I actually fainted a couple days ago reading a wikipedia page on some surgery operation, with photos. I fell straight to the floor and whacked my head. So when people ask "Oh god were you in a fight yesterday or something!?" I have to say "No I fainted while sitting at my desk."


    I heard the episode of American Life and was fine though. That was a cool espiode.

  4. I listened to this, and here's the information I retained:


    Ya can't print the Monopoly man.

    Do something that you have a monopoly on; which- the Monopoly man is a weird example of that, cos they have a trademark on it.

    Doing the work yourself is being freelance, and the most sensible way to expand a business is to stop doing the work yourself, and industrialize it.

    ^This is one way to be an entreprenuer, but not the only way.

    People can spend a long time getting their ducks in a row, and you don't have to do that; which sounds like a dangerous piece of advice to take.


    So I'm not crazy-excited here, but y'know, I'll give it a couple more episodes. I AM a complete business dumbass.


    Side-note though: That music's not helping. It's the kind of music someone would use on like a video-resume or an in-company powerpoint slideshow. It just evokes that we're all having a really boring time.

  5. Yeah I get what you mean, I couldn't tell if Har Mar Superstar was someone's improv character or a real dude.


    Actually right now Macaulay Culkin's talking about this club with mural of a Korn concert with The Incredible Hulk and ET and I've completely lost track of if this is really happening or not.


    ...but if that's what the show is then fuck it, I'm in! This is kinda nuts!

    It's on the line of being unbelievable.