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  1. It was all I could do to stop myself from losing it this morning as I listened to this week's episode on my way to work. I can't believe how hard the past few months have been for Tig and her family. Thank you so, so much to you all down there in the hatch for today's episode- it moved me in ways I didn't think a podcast could, and I just wanted to come on and express my gratitude for your openness and for sharing it on Professor Blastoff. Huge love to you Tig, and to all of you over there. You're the greatest.

  2. He absolutely killed it! Who Charted is an absolute joy, and this one had me chuckling out there on the London streets on my lunchbreak like a nutter. I have to agree with the Todd Glass comments- that was the only impression of him I've heard but he absolutely NAILED it... That was some insanely observant stuff right there. Agh, I love him. Thanks Who Charted! You're the greatest.

  3. There are SO many quotes I want to bust out in daily civilian life from Professor Blastoff, but have to hold back from because no-one will know what I'm talking about. Maybe I should just risk it and see it through and enjoy the consequences...

    Also, Kyle's Swamp Rock voice hit just before I got to work which was the best bad/good timing ever- I had to compose myself a lot before I walked through that door...

    Thank you so much, to all of you brave Hatch Troopers. I love you.

    Swamp rock, you kidding me?

  4. Aah, so many quotables and out in public chuckles... Damn, this made it hard for me on my lunchbreak outside, as ever. Now I've just started smirking whenever Kulap laughs, and Howard's just killing it every episode (seemingly without even realising). I really appreciated the cross-referencing with the Earwolf Challenge though- the mini impressions were fantastic... "I dunnooooo..." - naturally I laugh with love as I've listened to every episode of the Challenge (and really enjoy it) but they kinda nailed it here.

    Anyway, too much goodness to reflect on in one go, and PFT is one of my heroes for certain- such an awesome show H&K, absolutely love it.

  5. I have to admit, and this is quite embarassing- I've never seen The State. I'm out in the UK and as far as I'm aware it was never broadcast here, and I haven't seen any DVDs or anything on the internet. I've heard so many interviews and appearances but haven't gotten round to handling it... This will be dealt with SOON though, promise.
    Another ace episode, and that Turtles rap was a complete trip too... Kulap has one of the most infectious laughs as well- always makes me bust a proper chuckle (alongside the rest of the show, naturally). Bigups.

  6. We didn't even get a Summah over here in the UK but if we had, this would have been the anthem. Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic on some silly Summah biz- enjoy!
    (Wasn't sure how to embed properly- apologies)

  7. There are so many I agree with here (Reggie Watts, Scott Aukerman (that'd be interesting with Kulap...), James Adomian etc) but I'd like to include Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton of Pop My Culture - they're fantastic. Maybe the Long Shot squadron too- all four or any formation... I listen to every episode of Who Charted though so I'm happy whichever way. Keep on!

  8. The Bob Evans impression was stellar. Jeezus. Earwolf podcasts are awesome at making look demented as I try and hold in my laughter when I'm out in public.

    I really liked the extended chat at the start too (or just a slightly longer chat than usual)- it had a slightly different feel than normal and it was really refreshing. Great work as always y'all!

  9. The first I heard was the Paul F Tompkins episode, which I absolutely loved on first hearing- I then did the usual podcast dance where I checked some of the rest, and rapidly became completely devoted. For me it didn't take much getting used to- I didn't feel like I had to adjust anything really, it all just clicked straight away. Howard & Kulap are really friendly and cheerful and have put me onto some awesome people from some episodes. But naturally, not everyone's gonna be into it - I'm just glad it exists and I really love the show.

  10. Maybe one with the Pod-tail ingredients even- I'm seeing a cut-through of a Big Gulp cup with the levels of each element inside... And I'm sure there are people who wanna remake that potent mixture of Gatorade and Diet Red Bull too.