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  1. I agree. That is what is the problem with Americans and most issues. Context is the main factor. I hate the whole white people cannot say "the N word" thing. Intent is all that matters. It's just a word, don't let it have so much weight.
  2. I guess you are incapable of accepting it. You were just making fun of someone who said recognizing racism is racist while you glorify Andrew Ti who said on two episodes in which he played the same phone call because he is too lazy(his own words) that "everyone is racist". What an idiotic statement.
  3. I used the term because it applied to my life personally. I don't give a flying fuck about Newt Gingrich.
  4. I didn't say that. Wrong human. Get your facts straight.
  5. Wow, this thread went crazy! Whenever Shariq shows up you know it's gonna get silly. Yo, Shariq is racist!!!
  6. Podus

    Episode 175 — Hating On Rap

    Fuck top 40.
  7. That was great. It should be a recurring segment. Andrew To and his cronies spit mad bullshit all the time. It should be called Yo is Yo is this Racist, bullshit?
  8. Podus

    Episode 223 — Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    The WTF was great in a different way. Not deep at all. More Superbad talk trhan anything
  9. Hopefully I am right, it is only 7:07 a.m. lol
  10. I have been having a terrible week but when I saw that improviser list and then heard that opening riff(my favorite I4H opener) I knew it was going to be a great day. Thanks Matt
  11. Podus

    Episode 27 — Psychedelic Rap

    Must be weird releasing such a drug related episode on the eve of the kris kross nembers death.
  12. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    Awefully quiet in here mr. Torres
  13. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    No other black people listened to The Cure and played guitar at my school. That was the point I was making. I didn't get picked on, I was questioned about my motives.
  14. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    I was just being silly. I went to high school with a few people like him and could never understand where they were coming from.
  15. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    Shariq is a racist.
  16. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    Its not in everything. Such a lame blanket statement.
  17. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    Shariq, you sound like a reverse racist. It's so annoying when people see racism in everything. Maybe its just that a lot of people are stupid.
  18. Podus

    Episode 137 — Kroll Show

    I didn't think Andrew would surpass the everyone is racist remark and ep. a few months back but this and yesterdays ep. have brought new levels of stupidity to the podcast.
  19. Podus

    Episode 137 — Kroll Show

    Nick Kroll is super racist. Jk guys jk
  20. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    Shariq, most of the posters on this topic are just saying that it's an awefully large brush to say don't be friends with someone just because a small percentage of the fans are idiots.
  21. Podus

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    I expected this to get a big response. What a stupid answer to the callers question. That's like saying since some rap fans are gangsters and kill people, don't listen to rap. Silly goose
  22. Wow That was trainwreck esque
  23. Matt should go back to The Carolla show and when he is done drunk complaining actually mention the podcast this time. Calling Carolla out on his bullshit would be nice to as he has gotten very racist recently.
  24. Podus

    Episode 124.5 — 3/19/13 TWO CHARTED 63

    Aww kuku and wiewie fighting. Ain't nobody got time for that.