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  1. Podus

    Episode 195 — Making the Snow Angel

    Reggie seemed pretty off this episode.
  2. Podus

    Episode 130 — Hatian Dad

    Come on man, so much comedy is based on reality that is not a great part of life. Don't come on and complain about something so obviously meant to entertain.
  3. Podus

    Episode 10 — Building The Track Pt 2

    That was amazing!
  4. Podus

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Hey Scott, Reggie and Harris. Thank you for everything that you do #teamstersunion
  5. Podus

    Episode 128 — Sklarbro Mixtape 2012

    Go to Daym drops youtube channel, all his food reviews are great. They are good without having to be remixed
  6. Podus

    Episode 7 — Killer Tracks

    Carly Rae is 27, you made her sound 15. LOL
  7. Podus

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    Yeah, i can't believe that Pally ep. made it.
  8. Paul Mooney is racist as fuck.
  9. Hey Mr. Fogelnest, I saw you at the last PFT show and was gonna say hello but didn't wanna bug you. I was the opposite human of you. The tall black guy. LOL
  10. Yay! Unedited version rocks!
  11. Podus

    Episode 5 — White Rappers

    Shits hilarious son
  12. Podus

    Episode 17 — Gelmania XVII: The Way

    Hell yeah bitches!
  13. I really loved episode 45. Put that one on
  14. Podus

    Episode 51 — Too Soon

    I was the one who had sex to Improv4humans. In my defense, we were both very drunk. Don't know if I could do it sober.
  15. Podus

    Episode 2 — Sad Robot Music

    Wow that song was lame!
  16. I think I may be at 10 plus listens of the rap portion. I cant get enough. Too funny. Such a clusterfuck
  17. I disagree, Santa Clause ripped it!
  18. Ive listened to the freestyle rap portion 4 times! I look forward to this all year as the cyber thug takeover Halloween ep. got me into CBB
  19. Ghost boy got cut off again by the beat stopping. What are the odds of that with 20 people in the room!