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  1. lylachka

    Episode 91 — Biohazard Acoustics

    Yeah, this guy was pretty on point. I don't really think he had anything but valid points.
  2. lylachka

    Episode 137.5 — 07/19/13 TWO CHARTED 76

    People got stuff to plug, homie. Enjoy the love!
  3. lylachka

    Episode 232 — LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con

    I love the photo for this episode
  4. The link in the description is wrong!
  5. Does anyone have a link to that Indian video?
  6. Those guys could be Australian, but not certain they're in Australia. The description for the video says "factory in Napa California". Anyway, wonderful episode.
  7. Was the audience not miced on this? Sounds really weird.
  8. lylachka

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    Hey, Pittsburgh is an awesome city! I resent the anti-Pittsburgh sentiment this episode was riddled with. We are QUITE classy and the city is beautiful. However, all Pirates jabs were absolutely justified. The part of this where Taylor is pumped to "score" Pirates tickets is pretty laughable, you can walk up any day of the game and get them for probably less than $10. Why didn't they just go for the Steelers? Or Penguins? We have two other pretty awesome sport teams...just another part of this movie that made absolutely no sense.
  9. But what's the temperature in the studios? Can we get a fan/little AC unit in there? Everyone is dripping in the photos. I suppose there is the possibility that comedians are all sweaty pigs.