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  1. By the way, soup, we all know it's you
  2. My number is +353 85 6969420. Text me. Lol, I'm just kidding, that's me mum's number. Edit: I did not think this through. Please stop texting my mother.
  3. You heard it here. Joe McGurl hates babies and thinks making them cry is good. Your words not mine January 1st and already embroiled in a bitter beef. New year, same shit. Except for how sensual it's been for me so far
  4. I've read this on a couple of your various social media profiles now, Joe, and I haven't said anything, but it's gotten to the stage where it almost feels like you're taunting me. You know my wish is for more Gangnam Style and you still post bullshit like this for me to read and cry
  5. I opened the forum at midnight last night and kissed every post. It was a very sensual experience and a great start to what will be my most sensual year yet in my opinion
  6. email i sent the QOTD boys 1 week ago: "Subject: did u get my question Bert, Ernie, pls answer me my question. my kids don't know that their lives could be immensely easier. They don't know thank you" Glad they got around to it
  7. finally getting to my question. i have gone months not knowing if i should teach my children all the big numbers
  8. Agata, Gabe and July were there dressed as three of the greats
  9. 336 Farts and Pro 342 Silicon Valley people 349 6th Anniversary 354 Ben Schwartz 356 Mantzoukas, PFT 367 Gelman, Heidecker, Daly 374 Neil Campbell, Paul Rust, Fran Gillespie I liked those
  10. "Good or Bad?" Yeah it's actually more like "Good", because I think it's a good podcast. I'm serious change the name
  11. Has anyone said "Holiday Handbook" over the last few days? I'm going to say it now anyway just in case. Holiday Handbook. That's so good. Edit: Okay I just googled it and found it on the wiki (shoutout nohorseman, top bloke) for an episode from this time last year. It was said by Sean, proving my theory that it's good. thanks
  12. "This manger's well naff". If you haven't read that verse are you even a christian
  13. Calm down mate they're only takin the piss
  14. All this is making me feel like a real Members
  15. I'm going to be making a push in 2016 for the title, because I want to wrestle you
  16. I'd give my life to be a ghost
  17. I don't know some of these references but the important thing is I can now go look them up and make this a learning experience, then come back and riff on some of these names
  18. http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/20699-episode-68-—-erin-gibson-our-close-friend/page__st__160
  19. One thing I've got respect for is total hotties. Respect 0//
  20. Some of you might remember when I posted ~The Respecter's Creed~ here a few weeks ago. The backlash has absolutely sickened me. It has sickened me. Have there been low moments over the last week in particular when I wished I had not posted it? No. I stand by what I said. I respect Sean and Hayes. They're good boys.
  21. Try legal zoom. They are a law firm.
  22. Robotam, with all due respect to the north, from the south Brown sauce? Brown sauce? come on. BROWN sauce?
  23. ok That's not official, you can't say that
  24. I typed in "what goes in the butt", next thing there's a knock at the door, and I just start to sweat. I realise I've got thousands of embarrassing fail memes from the naughties on my system. Knocks start getting louder cause they can hear me out back drilling through a number of hard drives. They kicked the door down and arrested me on the spot. Idiots. It's like nazi Germans again in this country