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  1. What if Jeff is waking someone up to tell them some bad news from back home like "Abi, they want their tendon back" or "savage it's your wife. She's dead" damnnnnn. Everyone should pray for Savage's smoking hot model wife just in case.
  2. I also think that mr dietz is going home this week. However, I'm not 100% sure and I have a somewhat bolder prediction. Angkor is getting too small and it's too early for the merge. They will be dissolved and whichever tribe ends up with Abi will be amazed at how terrible she is around camp and get rid of her.
  3. the narnold just sat bolt upright in his gamer chair that has speakers on it
  4. We don't have many basketball teams in Ireland. Only one actually. My team. The Dublin Steppers aka the dubsteppers. Small forward Cian Ellis had a huge season for us (it's a summer schedule) racking up a massive point from the field and putting in a single single but unfortunately we just missed out on a playoff berth by losing all our games.
  5. Baby showers are good because those things are filthy when they come out tbh
  6. American Diaper, yeah more like American Dad. That's something else. Just playing around. Congrats, Steve.
  7. No, no. No. Can't speak for Dairy Pillows but I'm underground. I'm a new genre with a name like chillwave. Not chillwave though. Sure, a few of my posts probably fall under the umbrella of "chillwave posting" but that's not what I'm about. Noooo siree
  8. Yeah go ahead, don't tell everyone about how I apologised for both of those messages. Guess I misunderstood the vibe
  9. honlads

    #STOPTHESPOOKY ... Handbook Heads Unite

    Dead link for me because I'm banned from Dan Engler's tumblr
  10. honlads

    #STOPTHESPOOKY ... Handbook Heads Unite

    I have been owned today
  11. Andrew Lloyd Webber's lesser-known companion piece
  12. Kev's post about podcasts has restored my faith in humanity!! I, once again, nod in agreement, with the posts. Thanks for reading.
  13. I think Angkor will lose again and I think Abi's gone this time. She's dragging them down in challenges, just walking around, as well as being extremely annoying around camp. They'll vote her out to strengthen themselves.
  14. I'm a male and my boss said that there was a lot of drama involving me, having said that, he was talking about my 3 month arc on Days of Our Lives, obviously I'm just kidding around here I'm not even an actor.
  15. Sometimes you just gotta hop on that bit train, don't ask any questions, and just ride that wave all the way to the station baby. Sounds dangerous but trains are actually built to be on waves, the train driver has a harder time keeping it down on the tracks.
  16. Horniest week on the forums since that time Andrew went full blown mental horn dog on us all a few weeks ago.
  17. That's the name of my late night show.
  18. And now I'm mad as hell that my real name is online for people to do god knows what with!!
  19. I can't believe what I'm reading. Ran reaches out for help about a deadly viper and this fucker's making jungle book jokes. Ran, have you tried doing some kicks towards it?
  20. No one is afraid of Abi because she's too stupid to win, but could she be... too stupid to lose. No actually. No. She'll be gone soon. Also, can't wait for next week's challenge as it looks like people gonna get hurt.
  21. "Exposure exposure exposure" is what I say to myself when I'm reading yet another Gawker thinkpiece on whether or not I should be fired for prescribing a "chill pill" no matter what the ailment.