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  1. There's a She and Him Christmas album that I kinda like, and Low had a Christmas EP that was cool.
  2. Hi Thomas. What's your house packing, toilet-wise? Explain your plumbing situation to me.
  3. Ever since I found this picture on solutioncomfortseat.com. It's a real toilet brand.
  4. Damn, is that the Solution ComfortSeat SC300? Sweet set up.
  5. Finally. Everyone post your toilet shots. No, I live in Ireland. But yes, that's from a french tv station.
  6. There's a soccer player here in Europe called Gerard Piqué and he turned up to a game wearing a sweater and hood that looks so like chain mail it's cracking me up.
  7. This person in my class was talking about Cards Against Humanity, and they said you can print off all the cards for free and just cut them out, and I said, "Oh, cool". Then I said, "Do you like podcasts?" and they said, "Yes, I love SModcast!" and I said, "Oh, cool". And I don't think either of those things are cool!!!!!!!!!
  8. Same but I'm actually great at the internet. Well, lads means something like "guys". But then hon is just a nonsense syllable. I don't know. I've been using it for 5/6 years. I pronounce it "on-lads".
  9. I never had a SA account. I don't really know anything about it, except for some people I find funny on Twitter. Does everyone here have a SA account or something?
  10. Honestly, I think that the name "honlads" is so rare and probably unpronounceable to most, that if someone takes it, f*** them and the horse they rode in on.
  11. I haven't listened to Who Charted since they started Two Charted (there were too many eps for me to handle, so I just stopped handling any of them), but this sounds like a juicy ep that I might check out.
  12. Welcome, pinkchimneys. [voice from the keyboard gallery] "Is honlads going to follow brgrho's lead and shake up the brand for the Yuletide?" You're gd right he is.
  13. I frequent another forum, it's called the family dinner table, and you might want to come downstairs and check it out sometime.
  14. Can we all delete those emails you sent asking us to set that joke up, Jacob? My gmail's at 99% and I'm cleaning house baby! I keep a clean G for the inevitable day when the boys call me up and ask me to play roulette with them.
  15. honlads

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

    You're a real piece of shit.
  16. honlads

    Is Anyone Else Annoyed by Scott Recently?

    I could not disagree with you more.
  17. Father Ted is as accessible as it gets for an Irish person. It's insanely popular. If you say or do anything from the show people instantly know what you're doing. All it takes is to look around blankly, half smile and widen your eyes and people know you're doing Dougal. The whole feel of the show is so Irish and familiar. Black Books and the IT Crowd are much more British, and don't have as broad an appeal in this country. Still pretty broad though, because we're not that different. I love Black Books so much.
  18. It's a completely ubiquitous show in this country. It's pretty cool that it's actually a good show, too. I just checked on Facebook and 61 of my friends "like" Father Ted on Facebook. To put that in perspective, 56 like Family Guy, 41 like Big Bang Theory, and 30 like Two and a Half Men. 19 like Black Books. 15 like the IT Crowd. 8 like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.
  19. JOE!!!! SON OF A BITCJH Those are the shows we hate!!!!!! Big Fail Theory as far as I'm concerned.
  20. Exactly. At the end of the day, a star was born.
  21. There's a lot of beef in Northern Ireland, and it's between its own citizens; catholics and protestants. The island of Ireland is divided into 32 counties, 6 of which are in the UK. This is Northern Ireland, a separate country from the Republic of Ireland, which contains the other 26 counties. To simplify things (maybe over-simplify things): catholics are nationalist, they want the island of Ireland to be united as one country, and protestants are unionists, they want NI to stay part of the UK. Catholics used to be pretty badly discriminated against in NI, especially by police (sounds familiar), but sadly the response from a small few was guerrilla style paramilitary action that killed many civilians. There was wrongdoing on both sides. Thousands died in the fighting of what was basically a civil war. An agreement was signed in 1998, but occasionally bad things still happen and people get hurt, on both sides. It's very sad to see. Sorry to get super serious on the ol' HH forum, but I like my country and don't like when we fight.
  22. BRASS EYE. One of the greatest shows ever. Father Ted is an Irish comedy that's very broad and silly, but I like it. Maybe just because I'm Irish. Father Ted is like part of our culture. It's a Graham Linehan show. The guy behind Black Books and the IT Crowd. If anyone finds themselves wandering around the south-east of Ireland for some reason, look me up.
  23. I get what you mean. But the Claw of Shame and the last bit of the Gas Station Rebate episode are two of the best things I've ever seen.