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  1. You like good TV, AV. Garth Marenghi and Dean Lerner are two of my favourite characters. Alan Partridge is one of my faves as well. I like the UK Office as well, and Extras (not as much), but I don't like Gervais anymore, so I don't go yelling about them. I also liked the US Office, in its prime. I liked the first 2 seasons of Community. MST3K. Comedy Bang Bang. Spaced. Party Down. Larry Sanders. Review. Seinfeld. Most of these are pretty obvious. I've never heard of that, VB. This looks really good.
  2. Yeah, Eric Andre Show is v funny. So is Nathan For You. My favourite funny show of all time is Curb.
  3. Everyone should do the AV Club readers' poll and tell them to cover more Hollywood Handbook in the podcasts section.
  4. As for sex scenes, I paused Sahara (2005) when Penelope Cruz got pushed over in the sand because I thought I spotted some nip. I wasn't wrong.
  5. Get Bill Cosby on. Just kidding.
  6. Is the time for PG questions over? I had a dynamite question about the movie "Paulie". Hell, I'll ask it anyway. Mr, Pauly Shore, have you seen "Paulie"?
  8. Ah looks fairly shite mate. (One for the nerds, coming right up) Needs more lens flair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That's awesome. Great style.
  10. It's about time we heard Sean & Hayes weigh in on this new hit podcast. I'd like to hear if they're worried about being overtaken as the world's hittest podcast.
  11. I'm Irish and I know a guy who is Liam Neeson's second cousin.
  12. 4 minutes in and already bussin' up.
  13. I located a shot of my D that I had forgotten was on my Instagram. Fair warning: It's a small D.
  14. A high number of good posts this week. Especially the sandwich pic. Now that was a good post.
  15. Look buddy I've never seen another person. Someone texted me one time so I know there's 2 people.
  16. It's a real shame it has such a small audience. I mean, it's probably in my top 3 podcasts. (Actually it definitely is.) I think it's way over 500 though. If you check out the play counts on Soundcloud, it averages about 5,000 there these days. Plus iTunes and stuff, probably like twice that?? More? I don't know. That's still small though. When you think about how small it is for this, Just think what size the RSS listenership must have been. Don't mean to bum Hayes and Sean out though. Every episode is funny, and one of the first things I do on a Tuesday is get the new ep. Thanks for doing this.
  17. I have also never Popcorn Gallery'd, but that is only because my questions are always bad.
  18. Right after this he was going to a midnight showing of Bee Movie.
  19. i've played along for so long now, but I'm just gonna say it. I actually like to be scared. It's like Al Hitchcock said, "From a young age, people love to have their scary bone tickled." He knew what he was talking about. Open up your minds. Maybe u'll learn something.
  20. Follow the natural progression. Ask her has she seen Vibes.
  21. honlads

    Hollywood Handbook: Tabbed Out

    Are you talking about a "Best Of..."? I don't know what you mean by tabs.
  22. It would be funny if we were all frosty to you for a while and then you look closer at our avatars and realise we're all goths.
  23. [Pulls you in real close and whispers. Whispers way, way too close to your ear. It's barely audible and you can almost taste my lunch on my hot breath] Pretend you're funny that's what I do Just kidding no one's too cool for anyone here.