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  1. honlads

    Episode 178 — Books

    Pretty much every week.
  2. No one told me Ducca's back! Ducca's back baby!!
  3. honlads

    Episode 177 — Foster Parenting

    Can't download this one. Just getting errors.
  4. Greggy, I'm only now listening to your podcast. It's so, so good.
  5. I've never seen Look Around You. Looks good. My favourite British show is probably Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.
  6. Some of my favourites are Chance the Rapper, Kendrick, Killer Mike (I'm excited for RTJ2. I love El-p too), Outkast, Danny Brown and Shabazz Palaces.
  7. Maybe it's a funny good joke. You got a number for Brian I lost it when I bent my Samsung Tocco for a spoof video?
  8. You guys should check out Eminem.
  9. Oh! Yes hell, an ep with the engineers! OH YEAH! OH HELL YEAH BABY!
  10. This is the most excited I've ever been about a potential podcast.
  11. Andy, that was awesome.
  12. I was enjoying the episode but engineer Sams's laugh/yawn just took me right out of the zone. I absolutely hate you, Sam. PS Anyone that wants any memes made DM me the info and I'll send them to my guy.
  13. "Dave's a really great guy..... if you like guys that wreck their lungs with the vice known only as smoking. 1 in 5 teenagers under the age of 17 start smo..." - Me recording a video and getting weirdly anti-smoking right off the bat. I don't come back around to talk about David Galehouse at all.
  14. Reminds me of a bit from my act. "Anyone here like the eagles? Eh? Don Henley's like a million years old now. I guess the time is coming when they'll go by The Bald Eagles." I mime playing drums and start to sing. "♫ You've got your hair combed over and your sunglasses oooon ♫". Doesn't really work in text format, I'll try see if a fan has put it on youtube.
  15. Makes me feel good that the boys are kissing my ugly mug bwuahahaha
  16. Twisted. You just basically invited a Joseph Rogan pounding.
  17. I would actually like them to go one step further, Tim. I demand that Sean & Hayes to do the rounds on the other podcasts (eg. WTF! with Maron, You made it strange, The Ricky Jarvis Show, Smodcast) and promote the online posters. Maybe ask some people to throw a few GD likes our way.
  18. Respect the forums and be generous or gtfo(get the f. out) is what I say!!!
  19. ⌃⌃⌃⌃⌃ lol at this guy who thinks tupac is really dead Get a grip, mate.
  20. "Don't forget to have fun with your brand" is something I say to my clients.
  21. I was gonna photoshop a pic of Cody with a big ole bunch of wire under his arm but it's getting late in this country and it's been a long day.
  22. The forums are hopping these days with new posters. After all, I'm a newbie too. "Refresh. Refresh. Refresh." as they say. My domestic situation: My Dad overheard Hayes and Sean coerce Mikal into using the F word a few times during this episode and now he's out back burning all my Cronin tapes in a barrel.