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  1. Great episode! Dealt with all the best parts of this outrageous film.

    To answer Kumail's question about why 'bling' wasn't used in the film, I'm pretty sure bling hadn't really reached critical mass as a phrase by the time this was written/made. Had it been made a year or two later I'm sure it would be called "Leprechaun In the Hood: Pot Of Bling" or something...

  2. I watched this in the week and was heavily inspired to include some of my favourite moments into the poster as well as give it a late '90's hip hop album cover style. The all too eager cross dressing, the baseball bat in the afro, the Leprechaun's finest limerick yet, the middle aged white pimp A&R VP and Coolio's speechless cameo. Thanks HDTGM for putting me onto this gem.