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  1. It's definitely a nice app but I'm a little worried because there was something on the latest Affirmation Nation about how it'll be back from its hiatus on a network called 'Howl' and not Earwolf. I hope there aren't going to be shows exclusive to an Earwolf/Wolfpop app because that seems like a good way to kill them! I already use a podcast app that includes a ton of non-Earwolf stuff so there's not really any incentive to switch.


    What I'm saying is please don't kill Hollywood Handbook.

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  2. The logo they're using now is just embarrassing, I can't get over it. Maybe it bugs other people less but I work in graphic design and it genuinely looks like it was made in a couple of minutes tops. Following PFT on Twitter the podcast is getting a lot of press and it's upsetting seeing that horrendous logo all over the place.


    Sorry to be so negative but any of those alternatives would be 100% better.

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  3. Got my pro subscription package in the mail today. In case anyone is on the fence here's a quick rundown of what I got:


    - A letter!


    "What up What up SUBSCRIBER,


    Here at Hollywood Handbook we work hard to knock it out of the park

    Every single week. But we don't do it for the money, not the fame, it's for

    Loyal fans like you, SUBSCRIBER. It's not just your continued

    Patronage that we want to thank you for though. It's


    Motivation. Drive. We see you crushing the forums on the regular and it busses us up

    Every single week without fail and pushes us to be the best hosts we can be. Thank you.


    Yours Sincerely, Engineer Cody."


    - The Hollywood Handbook box set "twisted edition" - all 5 episodes on floppy disk. Currently still listening to the PFT ep, on disk 8/15.


    - Some photos of Hayes in his college football days.


    - A framed photo of this:




    On the back it says "We'll be your guide to the stars"


    Pretty good haul I think, I'd definitely recommend it.

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  4. YES!

    The boys talked about how people listen to their show, hear the caliber of comedy genius, and then ask "...how?".

    And then people comment on the consistency of which they are able to output comedy at such a high standard.

    I signed up to this forum a couple of weeks ago just so i could make those two exact comments!


    These guys are far and away the funniest and best commedy minds on the internet.

    I am constantly amazed, and often shocked, by how funny these two are... and by how EVERYTHING is so good.

    There seems to be no lulls.

    I consider myself to be a comedy officianardo, so i really think i know what im talking about here, and i have never seen anything like this before.


    Yeah it's true. You could put a bunch of jokes on a page without listing who wrote them, and I'd know the Sean Clements joke right away because I would read it and immediately think "Where's the envelope? Where's the envelope? Oh that's right, Sean pushed it."


    hayes is ok too

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