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  1. The gang's break from the hatch continues as we come to you live from Washington, D.C.! Kyle and Tig sing a beautiful duet, Kyle tells a "hold the cheese" horror story, and David is almost sucked into another dimension. Aaron shares his favorite riddle before getting into Eugenics talk with returning guest and Ph.D student Mo Hassanein. In an attempt to involve their guest, David poses a question of free will and its relationship to genetics and sparks an insightful and hilarious argument, detouring plenty along the way. Is there an astronaut in the audience? Who will end up with the most Punky Corns? Blast off and find out!

  2. You’re in for a treat next week as the HDTGM gang saved the George Lucas produced perverted duck comedy that is Howard the Duck for a special LIVE episode recorded at Largo in Los Angeles! As always, Paul goes through the many Corrections & Omissions for last week’s movie After Earth, answers your questions regarding Nicolas Cage, 90s sex thrillers, & pizza, and asks YOU for help by becoming an intern. Be sure to email your resume to howdidthisgetmade@earwolf.com with the subject line “Intern”!

  3. I am not ashamed to admit that due to some handi-caps, I was forced to listen to the show twice, and possibly three times, but I totally understand that this makes me a better person. I have not understood the show but when I do I am pretty sure Taran Killam is born for this podcast.


    please tell me those handi-caps have nothing to do with your username being "wheelchair girl"

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  4. Hey kiddos! Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam and Paul Brittain make their first time Comedy Bang Bang appearance! They let us know what is was like being office mates at SNL, the difference between an accent & a dialect, and give us a refresher on the sci-fi action film Demolition Man. Then musicians Mark Johnson Sr. & Lon Smudge drop by to share their amazing tale of rockin’ wool to rock ‘n’ roll and sing some of their classic dad rock tunes!

  5. He’s a talented performer and improv actor whom you know from the hilarious NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim – BRANDON JOHNSON came on and we talk about growing up in St. Louis, why professors dating students is a no-go, how shoplifting looks to the employees of The Gap, and oh yeah, DEAD PARENTS! Enjoy!

  6. Kukulius and Howie are back yet again for another edition of TWO CHARTED! For the second week in a row, an (especially delicious) gift is unboxed live on the air and Howard recaps his insanely busy week, including a tale of dog-rescuing heroism. Kulap and Howard both detail their Swimginity losses, talk summah swimsuit etiquette and how awesome Fringe Riders shows are. A Skrillex encounter is discussed, Stard tells a Viper Room bathroom horror story, and Kulap poses a Summah Challenge for herself. It's a TWOCH for the ages!

  7. Radio host, former MTV VJ, and remarkable Twitter person Damien Fahey stops by to tell us how Derek Jeter would occasionally give him shit for being a Red Sox fan back in his TRL days on today’s Sklarbro Country! We also hear about Damien’s life long passion for radio, his experience being one of four finalists to host The Late Late Show after Craig Kilborn’s run, and the strangest gig he did at a Hip-Hop club in Arizona. Then we receive a phone call from an international Bruce Jenner! People of Denver, come see Randy & Jason perform stand-up Thursday, June 27th – Saturday, June 29th at the Comedy Works! Go to www.comedyworks.com for tickets!

  8. Join Matt Walsh, Paul Rust, and John Gemberling as they explore the world of animal lovers on today’s improv4humans! They’ll become a family of bonobos, treat you to a real special barbecued Thanksgiving, and get to the bottom of an incident that occurred during a Tom Petty concert. Plus, the return of the Mope Report! Be sure to pick up an improv4humans shirt from the Earwolf Store and follow @MattBesser on Twitter to send in your improv suggestions. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon. You can also now get Matt Besser’s new comedy album “Woo Pig Sooie: Comedy for Atheists” at mattbesser.com and Dragoon’s new album “This Galaxy Is But A Nursery” at dragoongalaxy.bandcamp.com!

  9. Get ready for a raucous good time as Jake welcomes Julie Klausner, Jon Hendren, and Shelby Fero to a live edition of the Fogelnest Files! Recorded at the UCB theatre, Jake and his guests dive into Rick Dees and his disco duck, the sensual music of Peter Lemongello, and a man in a diaper gluing himself to a chair. That last one really happened! Shelby offends everyone with her youth, Jon and Jake discuss their twitter rivalry, and then they all talk about "The Game" and the pickup artist community. Remember, a bonus Fogelnest Files episode about Vine on Tuesday AND a live Video Podcast Network episode streaming Thursday at 9pm EST / 6pm PST on YouTube.com/Earwolf

  10. The man of the hour Judd Apatow reveals that even to this day he has to make an extra effort to not be a mouth looker. Judd explains why he has developed an email personality of a 14 year old girl, shares the tale of his first road sex story, and makes Jeff think twice of what his children might actually be looking up on the internet. Also, Judd claims that so much of his work is pretending that Freaks and Geeks & Undeclared weren’t cancelled, Judd & Jeff go deep into coverage, and Judd records a special message for his daughter.

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  11. This special B-B-B-BONUS Comedy Bang Bang was recorded live on June 6th at the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin, Texas with the stars of Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV! Martin Starr, Brandon Johnson, and depressed teen Rick Faber join Scott to talk about Martin’s affiliation with the DARE organization, Brandon’s porn habits and Rich’s improv training. Vin Diesel’s scoliosis-ridden twin brother Bill Diesel drops by the show share some Diesel family wisdom and promote his Vine account before the guests and Scott throw down in a Freestyle Rap Contest for the record books!

  12. The charismatic James Levy and his silky smooth voice join Har Mar for a chat on today’s Nocturnal Emotions! James & Har Mar talk about having a good sweat, crying in public, being paid to be in the audience for Judge Hatchett, and James’ biggest fear onstage. Then they explore the world of a detective who only speaks in metaphors during Let’s Create A Show and play a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush.”

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  13. After 131 episodes, Patton Oswalt finally drops by to count down the charts with Howie and Ku-Ku on this weeks WHO CHARTED! Howard (apologetically) debuts the new Music chart theme, Patton explains the unlikely origin of his lavish Doc-Ock Halloween costume and defends his thoughts on the value of Twitter. Patton shares his views on the Billboard Chart as well as the top five movies at the box office before diving into a rousing game of Chart Darts that somehow leads to horrific serial killer conversation. Enjoy, Chartists!

  14. Our old buddy Rich Eisen returns for some County insanity! Rich gives us his predictions for the upcoming NFL season, counts down his Top 5 Michigan sport moments, and explains why we’ll never see a NFL draft in April ever again. Dan Van Kirk also brings in some crazy stories that include; a live sex show busted inside a Utah movie theater, a Pennsylvania woman arrested after police found her pulling grass while naked, and the story of the hot dog hooker or stripper (depending on who you ask). Plus, Chicago legend Doug Buffone drops by for a special in-studio appearance!

  15. Greetings, Blastronauts! This week the gang leave the comfort of The Hatch and come to you live from Birmingham, Alabama as they discuss more road trip shenanigans, get sidetracked by spider semantics, and reflect on the increasingly prevalent Iraqnophobia epidemic. The Professor reveals the proper pronunciation of “infinitesimal”, Kyle explains the history of the Universe and Tig burps (or was it just her delivery?) before diving into the mysteries of the Infinite with returning guest Abe Kunin. Tune in and find out if Aaron can make it through the entire show without peeing his pants!

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  16. Giant birds, weird wheelchairs, and ghosting are just some of the unbelievable things that are found in the Will & Jaden Smith vehicle After Earth. Paul, June, Jason, and Paul F. Tompkins discuss future British accents, an emotionless Will Smith, and animals that do nothing but kill. They also talk about the possible references to Scientology, a future with no doors & only a sword as a weapon, and June’s interpretation of what really happened in the birthday candles flashback scene.

  17. The legendary Seth Rogen and his infectious laugh join Scott for the first time in Comedy Bang Bang history! Seth shares stories from the set of “Superbad”, discusses weird Kirk Cameron movies and clues us in on the origin of his hilarious directorial debut THIS IS THE END, which opens in theaters nationwide this Wednesday. Seth also takes questions from Twitter, revealing his controversial opinion on kale and the tragic story behind his love of pepperoni pizza. Will Scott make Seth cry in this grueling, WTF-style interview or will their game of Fart, Mary, Kiss ease the tension? Listen and find out!