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  1. Harris did what I never could. he took his dream and ran with it. I am almost exactly his same age, and despite his successes he always felt like a contemporary, particularly when he appeared on podcasts. he was everything I wished I could be. enough drive to turn a love of comedy into a career, sociable in a way it could only dream of, and loved by everyone he met.


    but I also share an admittedly vague notion of addiction. his path towards heroin sounds remarkably similar to the life I'm living at the moment. while I'll never cross that line myself, I understand what led him there as he described on Pete Holmes podcast.


    I think because of this empathy, I'm a shaken by his death in a way I've never felt towards a "celebrity". the tragedy of such a young, talented person succumbing to addiction isn't a new concept, but regardless of the medium he worked in, this is the one time that a famous person dying has really affected me. I thought I felt it for Michael Jackson, and then again for Robin Willaims. but they were these practically mythical figures. entertainment machines with whom I associate happy memories. hardly human beings at all. but Harris was just a guy. an extremely likeable, funny guy, but no different than the friend in your own life you enjoy hanging out with the most.


    I don't have an elegant way to wrap this up. I just feel so terribly for his friends and family. if his death affected me, a total stranger, as much as it has then it must be tearing apart those of you who were closest to him.


    it didn't need to happen this way. there was a way out for Harris. but life, as it is, isn't fair or predictable. sometimes it takes those of us who hadn't had a real chance to turn things around for themselves. sometimes it strikes too soon. Harris will be remembered as a man who was suddenly very unlucky while playing a a volatile, self destructive game of chance. he will be missed by his friends, family, and the thousands who shared a parasocial relationship with him through sound.

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  2. I don't post much anymore, but I had to comment on this one. I needed some objective clarity in my own relationship right now, and among other things, this episode got my head on straight. if any of the hosts are checking the forum, thanks. this really got me back to thinking clearly and positively.

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