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  1. Hey, posting this in the forum to (hopefully) get public reinforcement.


    I love the show; all the goofy jokes and dice-rolling are great distractions while at work. I even like the show enough to check out some of the advertisers.


    I can't remember the episode, but Art of Charm had been mentioned in an ad; I just got around to checking it out this morning. Seeing that Art Of Charm used to be called the Pickup Podcast was discouraging, but I gave it a shot anyways, hoping that maybe the show wouldn't just be a bunch of idiot frat kids.




    Pickup artists are asshats, and it comes across as incredibly condescending that you give attention to people promising that they'll help us get laid and get friends ('cause liking D&D means we're lonely, awkward basement dwellers, right?).


    If you have to take their money in order to keep the show running, well, take it. If it can be avoided, though, please avoid it. Pickup artists are no less sexist than the Comic-Con creeps.


    I could not agree more. You said exactly everything I was thinking, and I wanted to add my voice in support of cutting this sponsor if possible.

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  2. Correction and Omission:


    At about the 43:00 minute mark, there is a scene with a religious zealot preaching about the end times and urging sinners to repent. He says something like "The wrath of God will bring the hammer down," and is then promptly smashed by a falling shark. WHY WAS THIS NOT A HAMMERHEAD SHARK?! This was a huge missed opportunity in the film.


    Great podcast, actually made watching Sharknado2 worthwhile.

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  3. I am down right appalled at this thread. The complete avoidance of the main issue has been detestable to the point of vomiting. Vomiting really good food too. Like the kind you wish you hadn't vomited but you did because you had no choice, but if you had the choice you would have opted not to. Let's get to the real problems that faced this otherwise flawless episode.


    Daddy-long legs are not spiders. They are arthropods and they are in the class Arachnida, but they are in the order Opiliones, which are not spiders. And this crazy on-going myth that they are the most venomous “spider” is insane. No known species of daddy-long legs have venom glands, and furthermore they don’t have hallowed fangs to release and said venom. What they do have is grasping claws, and yes they are typically small and not strong enough to break human skin. But even if they could, there isn’t any venom.


    Has the world gone mad? Are we seriously discussing whether or not some random poster was overtly expressing his dislike for a segment while lambasting the host, of whom he has great admiration, for sharing his views on his own show, thus making the “fan” come off like a douche? They’re not spiders guys! Wake up America!


    I have to jump on the opilionid support bandwagon. The only defense the "daddy long legs spider" has is its repugnatorial organs, that is, they can make a bad smell. Next time you see one, try smelling it. Those in my area make an odor a bit like rotten oranges. That is why they collect into large groups, as referenced in the show, to make their stink more powerful and scare away predators.


    The old myth about their venom is also an interesting story, and points to two problems in most people's understanding of entomology. The first is the problem of common names. The "daddy long legs" mentioned in the video are opilionids, not a spider, but this common name is also used to describe an actual spider in the family pholcidae.This is the second problem, the pholcid spider was once calculated to have a very potent venom based on its size, and was described as having the strongest venom per unit of body size, but this means the venom is no more potent than any other spider. Additionally, pholcids are unlikely to bite humans, and their venom is not harmful to people.

  4. Loved this episode on 'Earwolf Presents', made a subscriber out of me.



    On the topic of Native American sports teams,

    (Atom and His Package: If You Own the Washington Redskins, You're a Cock) does a great job of describing the issue, and is pretty funny.


    Lyrics follow, if you want to read along-

    I like sports, so there are some things I force myself to miss

    Like I never met an athlete I like, and hockey in Texas

    But when it comes to Native American nicknamed teams

    Even within the context of sports it's awful and mean

    And you'll go "wah wah wah, you're so PC"

    And I will say "wait"

    My my my, how have the tables turned so that being a fucking prick is a desirable trait?

    While we're on the subject of changing team names

    There's no jazz in Utah and few lakes in LA

    Just this once, give me the benefit of the doubt

    The Bullets became the Wizards, too violent? Get out!

    And you'll go "wah wah wah, you're so PC"

    And I will say "wait"

    Remind me again how it came to be that being 'the stupid American' became a desirable trait

    Wouldn't it be offensive if we cheered "rah rah rah" for the Carolina Negroes

    With our beat box cheer in our fake foam afros?


    Or if the Minnesota Vikes became the New York Kikes

    With dollar bills on their helmets cause that's what they like, you know?

    "Atom, what about the Saints, Angels, Padres too?

    Ain't that the same thing for Christians that's offending you?"

    When there's a Jesus Christ Mascot hot dog shooting crucifix thing

    Nailed to a cross, dying to save the team

    You'll be right, you'll be right

    But until then

    You're not right


    So what's your take on the Washington Redskins, what's your take on the Cleveland Indians?

    What's your take on the Washington Redskins, what's your take on the Cleveland Indians?

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  5. I first heard of Tokyo Rose from the "South Pacific" song "There is Nothin' Like a dame"-


    We get packages from home,

    We get movies, we get shows,

    We get speeches from our skipper

    And advice from Tokyo Rose,


    But Howard's keen voice acting was a way better bit of instruction in WWII history.

  6. "So I picked up this woman at the saloon, a real classy lady, wearing a corset and a hoop skirt that stretched out to next week! Well, we get back to the covered wagon, and she starts giving me the ol' Trail of Tears!"

    "I know! It was crazy, we were right there in the wagon box, on top of the buffalo furs, and were doing the Trail of Tears. So hot. I'm going to go to the telegraph office next week and send her some sexy Morse Code. I'll be all 'dot dot dash dash dot,' and she'll be all 'dash dash dash dot.'

  7. I also found this image that I never finished of Tom Lennon sawing off Kulap's head. I only vaguely recall the original reference from back in April, but I thought I'd put the file up anyway. I think Howard gave Tom the Saw-like scenario of doing another chart, or cutting of Kulap's head for his freedom? The show was really dark before Howard went vegetarian....