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  1. "It doesn't seem like you know very much about checkers, sir!" Gonna try that in my next argument
  2. rachelpi

    Episode 86 — Flat Cats

    BONE ZONE! Glad the Glaser influence continues on the show.
  3. rachelpi

    Episode 149 — Live from SXSW 2012

    Looking forward to a "Milo and Otis"-style Bob Ducca and Merrill Shindler adventure.
  4. rachelpi

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    I loved everything about this episode (even the beav talk, but thanks for the disclaimer Scott, I appreciate it) but I am choosing to latch onto this one piece of minutiae. 1. Countdown to Ecstasy 0. The Royal Scam -1. Katy Lied -2. Aja -3. Pretzel Logic -4. Can't Buy A Thrill -5. Gaucho -6. Two Against Nature -7. Everything Must Go Honestly this might change from day to day but Countdown will always be #1.
  5. rachelpi

    Episode 84 — Ally McVeal

    "LegalZoom: Handle Your Business.....without having to get into a slap fight in the back a taxicab."
  6. rachelpi

    Episode 65 — Dubstep on the Grass

    I was driving home while listening to this episode, and when JAdo started talking like Eddie Pepitone, I quite honestly took my hands off the wheel and clapped with delight. So many amazing comedian impressions, I canna believe it.
  7. rachelpi

    Episode 146 — Climbing the Ladder

    people with the condition "bat shoulders" will not be admitted to the live CBB TV show.
  8. rachelpi

    Voice Similarities

    I never quite got a handle on telling apart the men of Professor Blastoff. Especially if one of them is doing a character/voice, then I'm totally sunk.
  9. rachelpi

    Episode 64.5 — 2/24/12 TWO CHARTED

    I kind of love dirty Kulap especially since she makes Howard uncomforbuls.
  10. "There's no future in the sunset." (Profound)
  11. rachelpi

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    Sweet! I wanted to cap it before someone reverted it, like the shameful person who removed Bob Ducca from the "Notable Residents" section of the Castaic, CA wiki page.
  12. rachelpi

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    Good work, Wikipedians!
  13. rachelpi

    happy birthday engineer dustin!

    Happy Birthday Dustin! Thanks for all you do. Have a great day! Some argue that Dustin is the Chris Kuroda of Two Charted. (apologies if this joke has been made before)
  14. I love that Paul and Jason know about "Axe Cop"! This was a cool episode, thanks
  15. rachelpi

    Episode 63 — P. F. Toddler

    You can set your watch by that haircut of Howard's!
  16. rachelpi

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    Yeah, like HBO would ever put an hilarious comedy show on Friday nights....pfft. Seconding the blanket fort/sleepover vibe of this episode. Loved it!
  17. rachelpi

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    Fred Stoller + The Grove = OTP.
  18. rachelpi

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    I realize it's pretty hokey to say "Oh this guy who plays a sex maniac on TV isn't like that IRL" but I thought it was really cool to hear another side of Jason. Even a different side from HDTGM. Hopefully with The Dictator coming out he'll get to make all the podcast rounds so we can hear him interviewed even more. And I SUPER agree wih theorrhea about "Analyze Math Rock." MATH ROCK!
  19. If Bob and Gary Busey teamed up, they could take on the Enigma Force Five with their amazing word deconstructions.
  20. Agree, Barry, always glad to hear Gelman in the mix. I think the letters to Matt's dad are a great aspect of the show and a cool way to inspire scenes.
  21. rachelpi

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    I need a referral to Doctor Idiot.
  22. Of interest to the citizens of Sklarbro nation: the Onion's non-satirical entertainment section (The AV Club) posted an article about Cheap Seats today! It specifically discusses the Superstars '78 episode but has some great background info on the show and plenty of quotes from Randy and Jay too. http://www.avclub.com/articles/cheap-seats-superstars-1978,67865/ (I am in no way affiliated with the AVClub, I just thought this was a good article)
  23. rachelpi

    Episode 78 — Marine Comedy Bootcamp!

    Really enjoyed Rob's SNL stories - thanks for having him on the show!
  24. rachelpi

    Episode 59 — A Real Asssscat!

    C'mon chartists, do your part! Hit me Ku times!
  25. rachelpi

    New Forum Format

    If anyone is having trouble getting an avatar to upload, try setting it to exactly square. Mine was accidentally 300x301 and it was giving me fits.