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    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    Okay, I have got to say this. DENZEL WASHINGTON IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ACTORS OF ALL TIME PERIOD. Check out W Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery's podcast to find out more why. When the audience member asked his question about the greatest actor being in the worst movie, PAUL thought he was talking about Russel Crowe... what the fuck. No way, man! Not enough talk about how great Denzel Washington is! Also, no talk about how the cops would shoot all willy nilly to try and KILL Denzel Washington' character with soooo many random citizens around. The police were so willing to kill this -former cop, who accidentally killed two dumb ass reporters, who they trusted enough and needed enough to use in their simulations- that they were willing to KILL him and other random civilians. CRAZY. I feel like thy tried harder to capture him than Russel Crowe's character.
  2. hellopplofearth313

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    Did anyone feel uncomfortable with Nicole calling the black fighters "monkey's"? Come on girl, that's just not right... and she is black herself, she should know better.
  3. hellopplofearth313

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    Did I miss the part where the popular girls were mean to Louis or did it never happen? Granted Randa did invite Louis on a date with her cousin, did she konw he was a creep, I am not sure. Other than the creepy cousin situation, what did they do? The only people who made fun of her were the teacher and the "rap guys", and the "rap guys" barely bothered her. Louis tore those three girls friendhsip apart at the pool and stole the Randa's boyfriend! If the movie would have continued who knows what type of evil acts she would have continued to do. Louis was just unnoticed, big deal! Louis stole someone's boyfriend! There was no push back on that.
  4. hellopplofearth313

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Wild Wild West, c'mon people. Also, I agree with Batman and Robin. I loved Batman and Robin when I was a child, and now it is a ridculously good time.
  5. hellopplofearth313

    Are we going to get more?

    may I have some more, please?
  6. hellopplofearth313

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    Very funny episode. I laughed so hard when they brought up the Sammy Sosa scene. That was THEE best part of the film for me. I was surprised that I'd never heard of this movie, being the huge *NSYNC fan that I was at the time this movie came out. After viewing this movie, I see why. I have to comment on the "whigga"/ "wigga" comment that Ian made. Not cool, bro. I just felt like it made things a little uncomfortable for a bit and it could be taken as offensive. That's just not a word to just throw out. Oh yeah, Jason sounded like he was in studio. Good job sound engineers!
  7. hellopplofearth313

    Avatar (2009)

    the storyline is SO unoriginal. It's Pocahontas on crack.
  8. hellopplofearth313


    man, I totally agree. After viewing this film in theaters with my friends I was shocked that I was the only one who thought it was god awful. It came out around the same time as 'Inception' and everyone kept comparing the two, THEY WERE NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER.