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  1. I love how the 'mobile' versions of websites don't let you zoom in by pinching in on the iPhone screen.

  2. Overheard at FSU: "I'm going to Chili's now to start drinking for buffet."

  3. AS I FORESAW ā€œ@jimmykimmel: In case you missed it - Movie :The Movie http://t.co/ZkXpQ3Fpā€

  4. I might have fun possibly watching the highlights from Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow. SUCK IT NIELSEN AHHHHH

  5. Ok so I'll admit that Angelina Jolie's ghost is not that attractive anymore.

  6. Dear Twitter, let's be clear. I like snark. I just want either quality or manageability. That is all.

  7. RT ā€œ@bing: #MoviesWereBestWhen Halle Berry showed them boobies. http://t.co/OYDip3tv #Oscarsā€

  8. Did that McDonalds ad just say their coffee is an good anniversary gift? #ApocalypseNow

  9. All night, half the week, Vacate Wall Street http://t.co/pziJvPxm

  10. Passed an Army guy carrying his helmet. I'm carrying a sprite. #valor #lemon #lime

  11. Props to my classmate for honking at me from behind as I walk to my early morning meeting. #false

  12. An Arab guy just waved hello at me. So I guess I'm looking Arabesque today. #Arabesque

  13. This lady is names Sherkira!

  14. Millennial Tweet: On Y2k, I half-hoped the apocalypse would come and the family would fashion spears from furniture. #Y2kHa

  15. Crazy lady bein' crazy at the pharmacy.

  16. 2000 tweets approacheth. 500 of which are mine.

  17. Golden Globes 2006 Anthony Hopkins Receives Cecil B. DeMille http://t.co/DWf9okFB via @youtube

  18. Shockingly, the tattooed father of 3 in the Kia Suckass honked at a car for not moving up but is now not moving up for me. #tallanastee

  19. There is a white unmarked van following this ambulance. It's rear lights might be flickering. ODD

  20. Wait, Romeo is still our coach? #:( "Ex-Oakland Raiders CB Stanford Routt joins Kansas City Chiefs - ESPN http://t.co/RSzdbgen

  21. Popeye's Chicken is my Vietnam. #vietnam

  22. Yes, world. Sleigh Bells is a horrible band that always sounds like crap. They were invited to SNL through a random drawing! You guessed it

  23. Deadspin X/y: And Now For Your U.K. Weather, Where The Forecast Is "Bucketloads Of Cunt" - @Deadspin http://t.co/c2ppMk6v

  24. Wait, Tom Cruise is about to hook up with Kelly McGillis and takes a shower? Isn't that what you do when you want to cool down your boner?