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  1. Is the part in Improv4Humans still called "Case Closed?" Anyway, I really hope you address the attacks on Lena Dunham in your show because I'd really like to hear your thoughts.


    Personally, I think she's dumb for writing about that stuff -- it's kind of karmic that she's seeing a backlash from it since it's probably embarrassing to her sister -- but I think the truth is being stretched so people can attack a prominent feminist.


    This HuffPost article has the most "shocking" section from her book:



    But if you can find the other one (not only some Pro-Conservative site), I highly suggest you read it.

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  2. Okay wow, we need to put some real facts and reporting behind these statements.


    First off, Sean Conroy is an amazing improvisor and really fucking funny but he didn't know what the fuck he was talking about when it came to Spike Lee's comments about his dad playing bass:




    Here's the bottom line -- there's nothing wrong with a city getting cleaned up by money. What's wrong is when dumbasses move next to sources of loud noises -- clubs with live music, the homes of musicians -- and then do all they can to shut down the source of noise instead of accepting the fact that THEY MOVED SOMEWHERE THAT'S LOUD.


    This shit was already bad in Seattle and surrounding suburbs (it's getting worst, with some of the city's oldest, most important clubs getting the boot so more condos that no one will buy can be built) and it's getting just as bad at a record pace down in San Francisco.


    I think Spike was so mad about the whole thing that it was hard for him to get his thoughts straight and that should be taken into account when considering his arguments.

  3. Seriously. That split is just a crime against humanity. And of all people, I would think Tom would follow the path of Gandhi and be able to forgive anybody. But then again he sure does seem to get mad a lot.


    This is of course coming from someone who has no clue what happened between them, other than I think a show was at the center of it.

  4. Holy shit this was one of my favorite podcasts ever! The content alone makes me love life.


    First off, about Anal Cunt -- everyone should read this:



    Second, the one thing I was surprised that you didn't mention after playing the Fear on SNL clip was the fact that if the Fear gig had gone well, Black Flag was scheduled to play the following week.


    And then I wanted to ask Jake: have you heard about New Wave Theater? There's a great book all about it and the guy behind it, Peter Ivers, who also wrote the Lady in the Radiator song for Eraserhead, "In Heaven, Everything Thing Is Fine."


    Here's a great sample of the show, which would appear on Night Flight. It's a performance by the creators of "Rape Rock," the Mentors (I think their biggest hit was "Woman from Sodom").


    If you don't like the music, skip to the last 2 minutes to see a sweet, WWF-like rant from El Duce.





  5. Hell, the Velvet Underground could sound punkish, as certainly did the likes of the Sonics.


    YES. And don't forget the Wailers!



    (Being a Washingtonian who lives in California, I have some serious pride in my state's musical roots)


    The Troggs definitely deserve some credit for being proto-punk as well.


    It should also be noted that Crime's "Hotwire my heart" single came out around the same time as the first Ramones LP did and the only way it can be described is as "punk as fuck."




    As for Sound Opinions, I think these shows where DeRogatis and Kot talk about old albums/important musical movements are just their way of taking advantage of the show and talking about their favorite tracks at length, instead of just dedicating a moment or two in their "Desert Island Jukebox" segment. Sadly, the tracks they chose are always the most played out jams possible and never as exciting as "Hotwire" or the Pagans' "Six and Change"