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  1. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Horrible Idea

    William S. Burroughs would approve of that last paragraph.
  2. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Is this the worst podcast on Earwolf.

    The worst podcast on Earwolf was the shortlived Yes, This Is Racist, cohosted by Michael Richards and Danny Glover.
  3. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Horrible Idea

    How can you not love Earwolf? Even the sound guy is funny.
  4. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 136 — Black Metal

    What is whitesplaining/mansplaining?
  5. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Horrible Idea

    Holy shit. I can't fathom listening to a I4H episode with my parents. They consider Newhart a little edgy.
  6. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Horrible Idea

    TLDR means truly lovable deliciously rambunctious, right? Or am I misunderstanding text replies I get.
  7. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 78 — The A Crew

    The giggling behind the Star Wars nerd rant had me cracking up, and god that Kermit interjection.. Killer episode! Also congrats to the Bessers!
  8. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Graffiti Bridge (1990)

    Damn, I searched the title before posting, too. But I'm glad someone else agrees this shit is bonkers bad.
  9. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    I fear we are in for a Sparklett death scene next week.
  10. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Your Highness - how (for real though) did this get made?

    I admit I've only seen a handful of Statham films, but it seems to me he just plays Jason Statham in all of them. He's like the Cockney version of older Al Pacino. HOO-AH, guv'nor!
  11. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Hemlock Grove

  12. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    I nerd lol'd!
  13. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

  14. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

    Before they resort to the cesspool of TV they should take HDTGM international. Turkish Indiana Jones seems like a good start. Or Turkish anything.
  15. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    In defense of Nick Cage?

    Personally, I'm fine with truly entertaining actors throwing as much crap against the wall as they can in their lifetime. I'd rather watch an actor who can be great sometimes in an over the top performance than a mediocre actor taking themselves too seriously. Cage is definitely leaving a treasure trove of entertaining performances for future generations, and even though some of them are in just insanely bad movies, they'll probably be more fun to watch in 50 years than George Clooney's ninth Soderbergh film.
  16. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    Brian does a mean Nathan Explosion impression. I just started listening and the gang sounds extra exuberant today. The Sir Richard effect maybe? Edit: ironically Brian goes comatose within 20 minutes. Kickstarter to get these guys central air?
  17. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Point Break (1991)

    If you knew what movie it was going to be you'd probably have the text jokes already saved waiting to send. I have about 23 jokes prepared for the death of Ann Coulter.
  18. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 60.5 — Minisode 60.5

  19. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Your Highness - how (for real though) did this get made?

    Then you have Crank, where guys on drugs shoot titties!
  20. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    I would definitely listen to Harris trying to convince PFT that Phish doesn't suck. I'm just listening to these now. No one else thinks it weird that a USC film student had never seen Jaws, The Godfather or Star Wars until recently? I thought that was weird.
  21. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    A subdued rant against the spirit of imagination. This guy is oddly spellbinding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5F_o1Vi9sc
  22. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Graffiti Bridge (1990)

    I guess I need to ask; were there pancakes?
  23. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Holy shit! Is that movie real!? You win 100 internets, cat & beard! Suggest this movie! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcQ3QyGH4rU
  24. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Graffiti Bridge (1990)

    Well, Purple Rain is actually considered a good film by a lot of people, whereas this was universally panned. Here's the plot breakdown from wikipedia: The plot re-joins Purple Rain's lead character The Kid (Prince), in his future life as a performer and club owner. Morris (Morris Day), his rival from Purple Rain, returns as co-owner of The Kid's club, Glam Slam, as well as several others in the area, including his mainstay, Pandemonium. The Kid is forced into paying Morris $10,000 so Morris can pay off the mayor; The Kid in turn can keep co-ownership of his club. Losing clientele, The Kid challenges Morris to a music battle for ownership of Glam Slam. Anything involving a 1990 music battle to resolve a $10,000 debt has to be funny right? Plus look at Prince in this film:
  25. choochoo_the_wonder_slut

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    Wow. If there's a top 10 awkward movies to see with your mom list, this should be on it right under Spanking the Monkey.