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  1. Most hilarious mental image montage moment: when Howard mentioned that every time he house-sits he ends up playing dress up, I had a sudden picture of him at so many different houses and all the different outfits... hee! A laugh out loud at my desk moment. On top of him being soaking wet and video taping the Fourth of July neighborhood parade, almost killed me! Funny or die video plz?

  2. Was listening to this episode of Two Charted on the bus to a beach getaway weekend last Friday... hearing Kulap describe Howard's reaction to that final fan letter was so touching. I almost lost it on the bus! Thank you two for making this world a brighter place.


    side note: the older gent next to me was listening to a portable radio and balancing his checkbook... delightlfully old school.

  3. Agreed, Eric Andre ranks #1 on the charts for worst guest ever. I felt like I was in a middle school cafeteria listening to him.


    And on the day of summah solstice too! Sigh. Can't wait to get my Have a Summah album so I can have that Wie-Wie pure and unadultured. Congrats on the comic book appearance Kulap!

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