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  1. Loved this episode. Phillips is always great and this was no exception. Great voice imitation, funny material. Kindler's energy is a bit much at times but I liked him a lot here, and he and Scott were great together.


    Also, glad to hear the return of Who Said It? (That's a statement, not a question.) Between that theme song and the road trip episode of Louie, "Who Are You?" is now the most unintentionally funny song in rock history.



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  2. As most of you probably saw, Scott tweeted today that Adomian and Heidecker will indeed be on the east coast shows.


    Looking at the whirlwind schedule they've booked, is anybody else concerned that it's going to be really tough to keep up the energy level and/or spontaneity on the later shows?

  3. Yeah, Ben was great as usual, and I thought it was a fun episode. All the holes that everyone has poked in the Clifton thing might be accurate, but that didn't make the stories any less interesting. I always thought that he was intentionally hacky, too, but I still get a chuckle out of most of those jokes. Overall, a nice change-of-pace episode.


    I just wish the Scottabot hadn't been so lax with the WYR rules.

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  4. Is no one else dying to know how Kyle broke Tig's heart? They put all their dirty laundry on display, but lost nerve when it came time to show the delicates. It's like if they didn't end up telling the David beach shit story.


    I don't really care WHY it happened, but it is sort of fascinating to think that this was going on within the lifetime of the show. I almost want to go back and listen to old episodes to see if the rift is more evident than I noticed at the time (but won't, because there are dozens of hours of great new podcasts released every week).

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  5. Is there any way to find out which specific guests will be on which shows? The individual ticket pages I went to all seemed to list Adomian and Heidecker (or no one at all), but then Scott mentioned PFT on this week's podcast. Basically, I don't live particularly close to any of the cities, but might be willing to travel to one of the closer ones, so that sort of info would be nice to know in advance.

  6. Really fun episode. I was a little curious about what the reaction would be like from people who weren't familiar with Burning Love, so I'm glad to hear that people seemed to like it either way. Great character work all around and Steve played off them well. The monkey heart discussion was killing me.

  7. Despite the guests' brazen ignorance of (goats?) protocol regarding the timing of plugs and voting in WYR, I liked the episode a lot.


    If Andy wants to become Comedian of Hollywood, he should get in touch with Chip Gardner and propose a joint ticket.

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