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  1. Really happy about #1, my favorite episode of the year with my favorite new character, MC Sugar Butt.  I just wish the clip would have included my favorite moment of the year:

    Drink your milk, eat your vegetables

    Wear your silk...eat your legetables

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  2. If I go to the 2018 episodes listing in Stitcher Premium, everything looks correct up to 2224, but starting with 2225, it's showing older episodes with the correct guests.  For example, 2225 is Scott Aukerman, but that place on the 2018 listing is 1924 with Scott (I listened to the intro and it really is 1924).  It looks like 2301-2303 and 2309 have the same issue, and I can't find the correct versions anywhere in the app; on the plus side, they're less than six months old and still available on the Earwolf site, but obviously this is kind of annoying, especially if the same problem exists with older episodes (I didn't look back further to check).

  3. 9 hours ago, Bumpy said:

    The Shakespeare cinematic universe is a legitimately brilliant parody idea.

    Absolutely, but the villain they were talking about (I odn't remember who specifically it was) feels like more of a Loki analogue than a Thanos.  I guess Shakespeare (the Immortal Bard) himself would be Thanos.