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    Episode 54 — Why or Why Not?

    guys make sure to post your suggested scenes for the upcoming Best of Vol. 2 in THIS THREAD
  2. BrettMorris

    Episode 54 — Why or Why Not?

    i wish you guys could've been there to witness the whole interview situation. i cannot even tell you how funny certain moments were to witness that were not really discussed on the podcast. we missed so many potential interviews because he would explode in nervous energy and drop his recorder. and so many goddamn okie dokies. and then the polish dude (who looked like an even bigger liam neeson) came back with his cell phone in our faces filming us super paranoid like he was catching scandalous voter intimidation on video. eric almost shit himself. then eric could not for the life of him remember where we parked our cars, kept trying to go down the opposite direction. if i wasn't there he would've been wandering around beverly hills for hours.
  3. BrettMorris

    Episode 2 — Sad Robot Music

    Just to be clear, I'm not against such production choices, or making people's voices sound like sad robots. but FFS the auto-tune thing specifically is just so lazy and easy, i'm not sure non-audio people realize. there are so mind blowing production tools and techniques that can be done and are still there to be tinkered with and discovered. find some new way to make the voice sound like a keyboard, or a robot, or whatever. i mean, i love melodyne. it allows you to really get in there and customize what you're doing. i'd rather hear people go wild with that, show some effort to at least put a new twist on it, not just plop auto tune in there. i don't really feel that strongly about it, but it just kinda struck me how stupidly easy it is. i can't think of another plugin i use, where i literally don't have to tweak a single setting for it to sound like the top radio songs.
  4. BrettMorris

    Episode 100.5 — 11/2/12 TWO CHARTED 39

    man i wish i could remember. but the best part about it was it broke down basic mustard theory, which is this: at its very core, mustard is two things. ground mustard and cold liquid. you can mix yellow mustard powder and water and you're going to end up with a very simple yellow mustard (it will probably still kick the shit out of french's). the third ingredient to really tie it together and make it last on the shelf is an acid, usually vinegar. the cold liquid and the ground mustard start a magical chemical process that starts strong. the vinegar freezes that process in place. so you should wait at least 10, 20, 30 minutes to pour the acid in. then let the stard sit on the shelf or in the fridge for a few days to a week before digging in. the bitterness needs some time to settle down. the colder you keep it, the more strength will be retained. from there you can go in ALL directions though, your imagination is the only limit. you can add whatever other ingredients and mustards you want to the powder: salt, sugar, herbs, horseradish, whatever. you can add or substitute other liquids for the water, like grape juice? you can use white wine vinegar instead of plain. brown mustard is stronger than yellow. black is the strongest. i find that you want a solid yellow base to all mustards though as pure brown/black can be overwhelming. there are lots of recipes online, i find that no two are at all alike. i've basically borrowed some concepts but for the most part gone my own way. just remember the simple origins of mustard, and let that guide your vision.
  5. BrettMorris

    Episode 2 — Sad Robot Music

    As an audio engineer and artist myself, I'm happy to admit that this was the first time i've put auto-tune on a track. Fortunately it was tongue in cheek! Anyway, I wish I could express just how friggin lazy the auto-tune "sad robot" effect is. I can't believe it's been used this much as a "artistic" production decision ever since that Cher song. It's the easiest thing in the world to do, you just drag and drop the effect onto the vocal track and it's done. to me, it's the equivalent of the lens flare effect abused so much when photoshop first came out in the 90s. That's just my opinion.
  6. BrettMorris

    Episode 1 — Drop That Little Bug

    I don't think you have to be into reality shows to enjoy this. I found it hilarious and I hadn't seen anything they referred to.
  7. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    more more more! let's try to mix it up as much as we can, i feel like we're getting into the same themes a lot.
  8. BrettMorris

    Episode 48 — Up Ass Wound

    don't believe eric for a second. he is the internet. he's texted me before saying he's run out of 4chan and reddit and needs more.
  9. BrettMorris

    Episode 95 — Groove Workshop

    That's my baby. I put a Bigsby on it, so sexy. Yeah man, I'd be interested. Thanks! I doubt I could afford anything like that though
  10. BrettMorris

    Episode 95 — Groove Workshop

    you're not that far off
  11. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    love it guys, this is going great. if i haven't selected your video, it still might show up in future episodes don't worry. a few of them just don't make the cut, sometimes i try to avoid using similar ones in one episode. but the majority are awesome.
  12. BrettMorris

    Episode 95 — Groove Workshop

    thanks chartists! getting those sounds out of hermes wasn't easy, i'm not particularly proud of what i had to do, she's a good sport though. i just need a little more time on the mustard. it's a very delicate, mysterious process. once it happens though, the mustard world will be blown wide open
  13. just so people know, jake has enlisted me to produce said diarrhea lake in case you don't like it. please, please like it.
  14. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    good stuff guys, keep 'em coming!
  15. BrettMorris

    Episode 42 — Quadruple Mix-in

    you guys have no idea how hard it is not to laugh out loud in the room during episodes like this
  16. BrettMorris

    Episode 42 — Quadruple Mix-in

    Is your username in reference to the awesome soundgarden drummer?
  17. BrettMorris

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    OH! i should also mention if it's over 2-3 minutes, please let me know when I should start it to get to the good part. there should be a way to embed the video to start at the time you want, actually.
  18. BrettMorris

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    To really get the Precious Bros Chocolate bit, I think you've gotta see the original. It's TOTALLY serious, which is mind boggling. Having watched this first, I was almost in tears laughing when putting together the Precious Bros thing. I'm so glad at least these Mr Blow bits got to be heard.
  19. BrettMorris

    Plug My Shit (Shit I Ain't Your Monkey Bitch)

    You might be famous for a week
  20. Keep a look out!
  21. BrettMorris

    "Something To Plug" by Mark Saul

    This is so so good man, thanks
  22. in case any of you were wondering, it's really not an act. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho3-NjSFOJY
  23. BrettMorris

    Meditation on Plugs

    congrats! i'm putting you in the show
  24. BrettMorris

    Episode 98.5 — Sklarbro County 3

    hey guys, it's brett from earwolf! shameless plugs for my band which you can hear on this show www.scatteredsunsmusic.com get the album here (name your price) facebook twitter so so cool of randy and jay to feature us!! hope people check us out. good to be on the forums!