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  1. I didn't make it far into the movie.


    I could not get over how bad the Dinosaur costume/puppet was. This film came out after Jurassic Park.Two years after. Yet we have a bulky impractical costume, with very little emoting puppeteering besides blinking and eye brows. The mouth slightly and inconsistently moves (jiggles up and down) with no attempt to match dialogue. The costume is so static. You can even see where the top of the guy in the suit's head is pressing on the top of the neck.


    Yes it is a 'low' budget film, but is it? It cost three times more than the first Ninja Turtles film (10 to 15 mil more than the sequels). Yet look at those costumes and puppeteering compared? This cost $35 mil but Jurassic Park only cost $28 mil more. Compare everything that went into making JP to what is in this. It looks like they spent less than 1% of the money from what is on screen. How could they not have done better? Were they that incompetent and clueless or did no one care.


    I mean, why is it even such a bulky suit? It kind of looks like the Dinosaur TV show, but watch a clip



    Those puppets and costumes are much better in movement and emoting. It might help that they also tried to give those characters personalities. Rather than being shy and soft spoken. Delivering every line like he is questioning what he is saying.


    Jurassic Park had Dinosaur costumes that would have been more emotive and practical


    It's just such a big aspect, something that the whole movies rides on and yet it is utter garbage. IT should have been top priority. It's as if no one at all tried.The sheer level of lack of artistry is astonishing. They would have been better off making the dinosaur more human like. Such as how Star Trek would do an Alien dinosaur. Why not? If you can genetically bring back and engineer dinosaurs smaller, fatter, with intelligence and able to talk. Why not make them fit into society better by being more human like.


    Or the other better alternative would have been to have had the dinosaurs full size. Whoopy can stand next to a giant leg, then cut to stop motion or a better looking puppet for Theodore. This would have worked way better. It is so bad that it undoes the lame idea of a dinosaur cop. He is just a fat ugly loser with a tail. He could have been anything.


    In the Oral History one of the guys mentions they used bright colours to dull the sci-fi edge. What did they think they were making? What Sci-fi edge? Where, did they think the sets would look like Blade Runner? It looks like a cheap toy commercial where at any second if it cut do someones hand pushing a van through a puddle, close of up action figures and a voice over saying, 'Mattel Dinosaur Cop figures each sold separately.'


    Oh and you know they had a conversation about the Dinosaurs can't be scary after Jurassic Park. So they made every effort to point out these dinosaurs don't eat meat, soft spoken and what ever bullshit. Which has to be 100% why he is called 'Teddy.'

  2. The, "You're not Michael Bay Award"



    Biggest moment of dumbstruck confusion.


    Good Guy who makes things worse.

    Like in Armored. Where if the guy just went, ok and left and called the cops. No one would have died and the millions of dollars wouldn't have been destroyed.

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