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  1. I thought Sascha did well too. There are a lot of things to criticze about our western patriarchial society, and she outlined a bunch of them, but it's a comedy podcast so she couldn't get too solemn or didactic. I think someone unaware of the issues faced by feminism would have taken away some good things from this episode, plus it was very funny. Good luck Tig!

  2. Nah, you're not going to get the argument you seem to want to foster. Everyone offered a reasoned explanation for their issue with this episode, and no one insulted the hosts or the guest. Take the time and patience to really understand and empathize with people you think you disagree with; it lets you save your vitriol and anger for causes that are truly unjust. Peace~

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  3. I think that, mostly, the gang was categorizing "Eastern medicine" as anything that isn't a prescription drug or surgery. So, like cutting out saturated fat and eating vegetables, drinking tea (antioxidants or what have you), and meditating (positive outlook literally makes you feel better, so I think that counts in terms of cultivating your well being) are grouped in with nonsense homeopathic cures. But there are unconventional/non-medical practices that have demonstrable effects, and science can usually find the mechanism through which they work, so even that stuff falls under the umbrella of science, yo!


    That said, I agree that it's frustrating how little they care to really understand science, but it's mostly a comedy podcast, and they're very good at that part!

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