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  1. chrismoke

    Episode 17 - Building The Track Pt. 5

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Best one yet!!!
  2. chrismoke

    Episode 3 — Ratchet

    True, I mistated by saying brolic is just a mispronunciation, i wasn't intending that post to put anyone "hood" down, i grew up in the projects myself and remember when people started saying it. I never said it was dumb. Thanks for explaining it better than I did. Good point on gully too, and although i know its not a "source" per se, urbandictionary points out the sf2 theory as where it came into recent popular usage from too. That's just how I remember it first being used as well, but if i choose to mistrust my memory, at least i'm not pulling it out of thin air. Indian for street makes sense too, assuming by way of Jamaican slang. I'm a huge dork, thanks. I just thought they were interesting etymologies to point out since they were mentioned on this episode, and wanted to add how I had experienced them being used in NY in the 90s. Love the show btw, getting better each week.
  3. chrismoke

    Episode 3 — Ratchet

    id say that's the more traditional slang use of ratchet. BACK IN MY DAY, gun barz.
  4. chrismoke

    Episode 3 — Ratchet

    brolic and gully come from hood mispronunciations of broly from dbz and guile from street fighter.. ratchet feels like its being used as some hood ass mispronunciation of "wretched".. it'll always mean gun to me, more than wrench even.. generational?
  5. didn't expect to hear a POS shoutout on here, i hope he recovers soon.. any chance when he does, to get him on the show?
  6. chrismoke

    Episode 1 — Fanute The Coupe

    This was great, cant wait to hear some of the more current episodes! Can we get Nocan's opinion on the current state of battle rap at some point? This was a pretty big year so far in terms of a change in the landscape. Looking forward to hearing more!
  7. i agree that ninja/nilla is fucking wack. lazy and trite. As a nice white person who makes hip hop music, I felt I had to chime in. I don't personally use that word, in any form, but people can do what they want. It's a question of authenticity in life. also, wish these were longer! I think a weekly, longer form show might be a better format to actually have time to discuss some of these issues, right now it feels very sparse, but I know this will all get ironed out soon. Keep it up! also wanted to point out that i laughed at the kulap shoutout, THATS A COOL-APP
  8. edited, for not realizing the lifestyle/music/comedy categories were already there. Still think this is diluting the earwolf brand but I guess I can't complain.
  9. chrismoke

    Episode 38 — Star Power

    the QUASANART bit started very reminiscent of ONLY BRITISH PEOPLE CAN FLY from mr show but went to an awesome place, i loved this episode so much. MONSTERSSSSS!!!!!!! and my clip for next weeks show
  10. chrismoke

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

  11. chrismoke

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

    this is my favorite podcast on earwolf! my favorite podcast anywhere! here are some youtube videos that might make for some funny improv. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTcFLKLNNwk