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  1. Wish I had a single gal pal for you but I am really old and all my friends are actually my children.
  2. Saturday night and all is quiet on the HH forums. Everyone must be out getting laid?
  3. Yo Scuzzman, Has Sean been getting a big head with all the critical acclaim that The Grinder is getting? Which ep has been your favorite so far? Can you believe that Ethan has moves? I mean we are talking about ETHAN. XOXO, Muffins
  4. I am not here to make friends. I am here to win!
  5. No one send me any Reese's please! I don't eat sugar! Funny coincidence...my medical terminology book just informed me that semen has sugar?
  6. I pray he is tweeting less because either he is finally getting Captain Karl's Pizza Ship up and going or that idiot Mike Burns is actually working on the animated TV show I heard about.
  7. I am off work today and truly wish I could post more but I am very busy studying. My medical terminology book thinks it is slick.
  8. Boston is world class!!!!! Okay NYC is Alpa++ and Boston is only Alpha- but at least we made the list!!! https://en.wikipedia...iki/Global_city I just went to the site and my SYTYCD boyfriend Neil Haskell and Andrew Rennells are in this production????
  9. My daughter has been bugging me about that. I told her that Boston is a real city so I bet it comes here some day. Not sure about Pittsburgh though.
  10. I love the Jets! They have given me so much happiness!
  11. Don't you get it? Hayes is really important and great. Sean just didn't see it. The way my loved ones still don't. They haven't discovered my worth yet but Sean coming around gives me hope. This is why podcasts are the best. I was about to drive my car right into a tree and then podcast saved my life. PS-actually not 100% sure I love my family. Obviously I love my kids and my boyfriend but the rest of them....I might be having a change of heart. PPS-My boyfriend proposed to me tonight. He proposed that when my internship is over and I start working for real money maybe I can start helping with the bills. Should I say yes? And one more thing... What do you guys think about this new Who Charted format?
  12. My family insists on calling me Lizzy even though I insist that they call me eLIZamuffins. I am kind of like Hayes in that no one respects me and things are better when I am not around only actually I have a really kind heart and you are gonna miss me when I am gone!
  13. I watch Regular Show with my kids. How bout the rest of you?
  14. Achmed the dead terrorist is a real thing Americans really laugh at?
  15. Okay this is crazy. I started the pod this AM after my coffee just as I was getting ready for work and then listened all the way to work....THE POD ENDED EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS I PULLED INTO MY SPOT IN THE WORK PARKING GARAGE. Pretty crazy right? PS-This pod was amazing and Sean is a comedy god!
  16. I told myself I wouldn't post before coffee anymore but I am just so gosh darn excited!
  17. honlads didn't like my post.. I have seen Lord of the Dance...at Epcot.. I am frightened but I won't jump off a bridge.
  18. are you Irish? I didn't know. Sorry. But I am too. Kind of. My Grammy's family ran an Irish Market and my daughter has red hair. Please forgive me? I have seen U2 in concert. Does that help or hurt my cause? re: the chicken sausage I scarfed it all up no pics but I have 2 more left and I will get pics up I swear! please accept my hamburger sandwich/salad in the meantime!@!
  19. I wish I had some muscial talent. you guys are really cool. I just watched some old eps of billy on the street and i deep fried chicken sausage for dinner so now you know what I am all about.
  20. have you seen this shit? https://www.facebook...89/?pnref=story
  21. Never been to Plymouth Rock. My fam is Irish so we have always been resentful that it looks so much like a potato but isn't a potato.
  22. staring to feel like Iron Chef over here. REIGNING SUPREME!