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  1. elizamuffins

    VultureFest Live Show

    I will be there! Thejjar clued me in or I would have never known! I bought five tickets , gonna have an entourage with me. They keep fighting over which one gets to be E because I paid so obviously I am Vin, but really I am E because Vincent Chase was actually not even that cool. I am driving in from Boston .. getting hammered on lodging but it will all be worth it!
  2. elizamuffins

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Sean is barely even on the shoe. When will the bad boys of Hollywood get some respect around Earwolf studios?
  3. elizamuffins

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Great pod this week. Cannot believe I missed a chance to ask Mike Lawrence a question! I am literally his biggest fan! Remember when he made that iPhone cookie? Guy really cracks my shit up.
  4. Wow, this has really been The Best Week Ever with Hayes and Sean!! A Double Shot of Hayes and Sean!!!! I Love Hayes and Sean!! The Surreal Life on VH1 with Hayes and Sean...I am babbling like a Brooke on that Hogan show what the hell was it called? With the cameo from Bubba the Love Sponge?? OKAY I GOTTA GO <3 muffins
  5. There actually isn't any such thing as white chocolate because technically there should be cocoa beans for it to be chocolate and "white" chocolate only uses cocoa butter. Don't trying to be a know it all, just stating facts.
  6. Sorry I am so late this week. I know you all missed me! If you are reading this Sean I loved your wedding video and Hayes you were adorable also shout out to all my Miitomo friends you guys are the real MVPs. PS: great ep
  7. Pretty late on this but this was a really great podcast and I am eagerly waiting the to fund the Kickstarter to get this show on the stage!
  8. Julie Klausner is a delight and I eagerly await having the time to listen to this ep which should be tomorrow and I will post again to give you my thoughts maybe if I have the time. Really screwed up getting a job.Barely ever make PAGE ONE anymore. Did it today though AW YEAH , women CAN do it all.
  9. Literally fuming right now that no one told me that Hollywood Handbook was going to SXSW. I was totally there all weekend and no one can prove I wasn't.
  10. elizamuffins

    Hollywood Handbook Art

    what up what up!!!
  11. elizamuffins

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    sorry it took me so long to post this week, I have been pretty upset. SO my commute is very short now and I can't bang out a whole pod so I had only listened to maybe 2/3 of this week's ep and to be honest I have been prostrate with grief over the very IDEA that not only HH ending but also The (not really) Best Show ending as well. Finally finished the pod today while I was getting ready for work and now I know the show will go on I can go on with my life and making shitty posts on this forum like it is my job. Which it isn't but you can imagine how great that would be. In a way aren't Hayes and Sean kind of making comments for a living only they write them down for great TV Shows, movies, podcasts, and even commercials sometimes when they need that extra cash. What a great life. Guess I gotta still go to my job every day being berated by old people who aren't used to waiting to see the doctor because Hollywood just ain't for me. You think I should ask them for the name of the doctors they see where they never wait because I want to go there. Life is so funny.
  12. I never wish that anyone would die but I kinda wanna see Jason on Survivor maybe get eaten by a shark? IS THAT WRONG?
  13. Sorry I haven't posted this week but my star rating has fallen to 3 and I feel like I need to accept that you people are not picking up what I am putting down. Or maybe it is lurking haters doing me dirty? Let's go with that. Great EP BTW.
  14. elizamuffins

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Bit the bullet and listened to the pod before having seen the movie. Wow! Deadpool is like pretty much the funniest guest who has ever been on the show with all that sexual humor which honestly is what the show has been missing all this time. I love podcasts but they just simply are not horny enough for my commute. Listened to it on the way home from work and by the time I got home I was chomping at the bit for some naughty time but I had to make dinner instead. Great pod 10/10 will listen again next week. To the new one, not this one again.
  15. elizamuffins

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Serious question. Should I see Deadpool before I listen to this pod?
  16. I forgot to mention the other day when I posted that I also really like The Doughboys and would like to see some sort of crossover and/or them coming to Earwolf.
  17. okay I finally finished the pod. I am not apologizing to Montgomery but it was still a great ep and I really enjoyed it. They recently put me in charge of ordering the silk embroidered jackets that come with being a pro version member and apparently they don't come in Montgomery's size.
  18. Are we here to talk about this week's podcast or our Tim and Ran Ran's friendship? Well okay, Happy Birthday Ran Ran! I can't even listen to this pod til tomorrow. Saving it for a long commute. Enjoy these 24 hours where I am wishing you had a happy birthday instead of wishing these pods would go on forever.
  19. I just posted to say I <3 U
  20. Dear Guest, My boyfriend is very good at sex but he doesn't like Red Lobster so how do I show him that I appreciate him? Before you suggest it, I don't have a helicopter. Thanks! Muffins
  21. I guess join an improv team?
  23. This is the worst thing that happened to a Montgomery since there is a town Alabama called that and you can imagine how awful that is?
  24. Hey new guy. You don't know me but I am a pretty big Tom Brady fan, I mean Patriots fan so really I don't like any of the Mannings very much. Just my personal preference. Cool with me if you like them.
  25. I took a peak at the pics which left me feeling perplexed. Did they record this at a sit in for free love?