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  1. what was the name of that first song they did again? They were great.
  2. elizamuffins

    Episode 113.5 - Harrison Ford, Our Close Friend

    I would have assumed Harrison Ford was a liberal being that he wears an earring but those old guys in Hollywood are always full of surprises not unlike the surprise twist he revealed that Agent Cody Banks got his start in Hollyweird as a script punch up wunderkid and that Jar Jar Binks was his idea
  3. December 15th, 2015. A day that will live in infamy. The day technical diffiCODYs threw a nation into a collective depression for which there was no cure. There would be no joy in Hollywoodville. Okay well I guess I can listen to the CBB Xmas special instead but this really sucks!
  4. More accolades for the bad boys of podcasting! And Earwolf in general http://www.vulture.c...acebook_vulture Vulture??
  5. When Sean said "Merry Fucking Christmas" I hope you all recognized that he must have read this post by me: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/26605-episode-107-%E2%80%94-paul-f-tompkins-and-joe-wengert-present-brandon-content-a-wolfcool-exclusive-character/page__st__80__p__177425#entry177425 in reference to this greatest of all time basketball story http://www.complex.com/sports/2015/02/larry-bird-coldest-trash-talking-stories/merry-christmas
  6. Must just be a running joke at Earwolf how the bad boys over at Wolf Cool aren't as popular as they think they are because everyone comedy is a hater and it isn't a supportive community. SMDH! And if you can't tell this is a character I am posting as LORD HELP YOU AND PLEASE GO BACK TO REDDIT AND STAY THERE.
  7. I have the strangest urge to get myself a color copier for Christmas right now.
  8. Best commute to and from work today listening to all my friends on the show and also Tim Treese!
  9. Very excited, Can't wait. I cut my finger using a mandolin slicer yesterday and it hurts to type this but I must register my anticipation and support! Love hurts!
  10. did you guys see Brady receive that pass? That was thriling.
  11. I could have gone my whole life without ever having two capybaras having sex. Thank you for saving me from that terrible fate, Wargen.
  12. okay I gotta give McGurl points on that one. How bad were those phone calls? How embarrassing for you all.
  13. The only thing I hate more than losing is Adrian Peterson. Okay, I am alright with losing but not with that guy!!!! I mean congrats or whatever.
  14. Feel like this pod is gonna get real meta maybe?
  15. And you also assume they won't have changed the wifi password? Making a lot of assumptions there, buddy!
  17. yeah of course my team rolls and rolls until it matters. TYPICAL!
  18. fat lot of good that does you in merry old england, eh?
  19. sorry to disappoint you all with my inability to call in. I had my cousin and his wife and kid over and we ate tacos and played Ticket to Ride. Can't wait to hear the calls that came in!
  20. I was in the grocery store one day and a kid stocking the shelves said my Motherfuckers Just Wanna Laugh shirt was "pretty cool" and I asked him if he watched CBB and he said "yeah" and that was pretty cool. You didn't ask me to speak on that but I did because I am in my 30s and not a millenial and I do what I want and I don't worry what other people think!
  21. Cannot even get on Amazon right now to see how much they are charging for Clue these days.
  22. Handbook shirts in the shop and my Xmas list is updated!!!
  23. elizamuffins

    Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance discussion thread

    I am not happy that they let Joe stay. What a pack of idiots. They all deserve to lose. Except Jeremy.
  24. great name change, Number 1 Cheeba Hawk.
  25. well my daughter won't eat turkey but she loves mac and cheese. I most likely wouldn't bother making this if not for her. I agree she is weird.