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  1. I started cooking early too! This is my home made macaroni and cheese bake for people who don't like Turkey. Oh you guys my turkey is going to be so off the chain. There is for real a Turkey farm in my home town and I got a fresh never frozen organic no hormones bad boy sitting in my fridge drying out after 24 hours in the brine!!!
  2. I am gonna win this whole thing and dedicate it to all the puppies and kitties out there without mommies and daddies!
  3. Listen Ashley, I have cut sugar almost completely out of my diet and the only fruits I can eat are pretty much strawberries and raspberries because of all the fiber. So thank for nothing. You might as well have offered me a tray of candy and pastries. I won't be over! Call me up when you have a tray of bacon and cheese. Bitches trying to get healthy over here!
  4. So lucky I got caught I in traffic today and got to hear the whole ep before work! My favorite eps are when the hosts and the guests are adversaries so this one was really great for me.
  5. elizamuffins

    Idea for Season 2

    If I recall correctly he did the pods because he had some downtime in between projects because of some contractual holds by CC. I don't think we will get a series ever again but a once a year special maybe around the holidays would be nice.
  6. Being on podcasts is for sure cooler than being on SNL these days.
  7. So freaking pumped for tonight's game! Making a pot of coffee so I don't fall asleep! Spoiler alert-I am going to fall asleep. How does Tom Brady stay up so late for these games??????
  8. I went through something very similar a few months back on a groggy monday morn. I legit took my SOs tablet and used an AUX cord to listen to HH on Tuesday. My phone is/was a freakin Samsung Galaxy ACTIVE which is supposed to be waterproof but I guess not if you drop it in the toilet and the back pops off!@@@
  9. wow gonna have a lot on the line tomorrow's game!!!!
  10. This makes me very happy! You guys are the coolest! Like as cool as Jez and Mark but not as cool as Super Hans. If you know what I am talking about LOL! PEEP SHOW IS BACK YOU GUYS!!!!
  11. I don't feel safe here with thundercock around
  12. I want that dog more than I have ever wanted anything except maybe for Hayes and Sean to makeout.
  13. elizamuffins

    EPISODE 387 — Most Multiple Personalities

    great ep! Loved the musical guest. Loved Gemberling. Ah thank you for a truly great bonus ep to get me through this overcast Thursday...best part was the very end with that sneaky hollywood handbook bit ...Sean gonna be so steamed lol
  14. elizamuffins

    Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance discussion thread

    I just hope Abbi wins the whole damn thing. This season has been so amazing. All real people. No vapid idiots. Everyone here to play. Hitting it on all 8 cylinders! I am so freaking pumped!
  15. I went to my parents house over the weekend and brought home a wooden box of basketball cards from my old collection. These were the doubles...where are all the cards I had in plastic and the binders with them in order DAD?????? Anyways, I am still really into this ep. My dad can't sell it on me at least.
  16. I was talking about basketball too you sexist pigs! Great ep. Loved it. Signed, Eliza "Legend" Muffins
  17. I totally called this!
  18. elizamuffins

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    You guys think with Earwolf opening studios in NYC we might get some east coast Hollywood Handbooks??????
  19. elizamuffins

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    What about the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, you philistine!
  20. and Tom Brady has been my QB all 3 times lol!
  21. elizamuffins

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Wait until you have more than 1 kid lmao!!!!