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  1. Hi! I'm Engineer Cody, I worked this show. I'm not new, I've been working at Earwolf for a long time. Believe me, I care, and work very hard, on all of my shows. Apologies for the technical errors this episode, hopefully it did not distract the chartists from enjoying the rest of the content. I'll be working hard to mitigate human error as much as possible moving forward!

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  2. Spoiler Alert!


    Who's taking these pictures? Is it Engineer Cody Cody? If so - NO PICS OF SCOTT'S WHITE BOARD MAN! NO SPOILEES DUDE!


    The Earwolf episode pictures are meant to be viewed in real-time whilst listening to the episode. As a matter of fact, much unknown to the general public, podcasts are actually a form of visual entertainment, just like the moving picture shows and talkies from the 80's. Usually we include this in the description, and I hate to have to break the math out right now, but with 10 pictures and a 134.22 minute runtime, this podcast is shot at 0.00124023 frames per second. So to properly view the show, you must be wearing 3D glasses and flip to the next picture every 13.4 minutes. You, my friend, have done the analogous equivalent of putting a DVD in your local DVD player and flipping straight to chapter 8!


    However, you are 100% correct about my premature revealing of our plug and track title by artist Sam Himburg. Sorry Sam, my actions are indefensible; I apologize unconditionally for the oversight.

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  3. That shirt design is literally the greatest thing I've ever seen. Talk about a super campy, obscure reference that would make absolutely no sense to the outside world, except for a few select, superior individuals


    And for the record, some of Asprey's ideas do seem a bit snake-oily, so I'm cautiously approaching everything (especially bulletproof products), but I will say that the overall idea behind it makes a lot of sense to me, high fat (and only fat if possible) in the morning; protein, vegetables, and fat at lunch; and vegtables, starchy, carbo for dinner. So I'm just sticking to that generally, eating quality meat, and the low mycotoxin fruits and veggies that he recommends for the hell of it. So far it's been OKAY, but I'm less than a month in, and my body still needs to adjust. I'll let the people know if it goes well or I die