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  1. That's it I am moving to LA. Between things like Tru tv and Fuel etc

    Who can't get a show now?

    To be very clear this is no slight against Mo- I really know nothing about him it IS a statement that it seems easier and easier to work now if you're willing to do shows from people like the producers of Wipe Swap.

  2. Taylor Swift is from Western Pa. She is about as country Andrew. You see interviews with her parents and family and they have the flattest american accent- no country at all. Taylor Swift is an epidemic. She fronts on the nerdy misunderstood girl but looks like a cosmetics model. She is the guilty pleasure of so many girls because she's a modern day Cinderella and secretly so many of her 'fans' ironic or not want that story for themselves.

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  3. Really?- Really?!

    'Language is a shared construct'

    My whole comment was in response to the other improvisers insisting their version was the correct one.

    Hey - we can all call up down and down green if we want.

    But you're right it is shared- and shared implies understanding so if there's a misunderstanding then the construct isn't functioning effectively.


    -What a Jay. (look it up)

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  4. No it's Bio-Pic, as in BIOgraphical PICture. People who pronounce it bi-opic are idiots who don't understand it's an abbreviation.


    Did you click on the Cambridge Dictionary pronunciation guide?

    Are you calling the Cambridge DIctionary a 'bunch of idiots?'


    It IS pronounced that way and yes it's obviously an abbreviation but it doesn't it change or preclude it from being pronounced that way- correctly.

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  5. Lucky for you, this is a podcast, and not a live band, so you have the option of fast forwarding if you don't like it. Your opinion is noted. Now can everyone stop whining about the music you don't like on the free podcasts you listen to?


    Sorry you don't enjoy my opinion. But to call it whining is like reverse trolling. I expressed an opinion I backed it up and I balanced it with positive remarks. Isn't that what creators are always 'whining' about that never happens on the 'internet' ?

    No what you want is everyone to agree and like Exactly what You like.

    Oh and if you think this podcast is free maybe you should look into how advertising works.

    I appreciate all the work that goes into making this but whether or not I contracted a person directly to carve this podcast out of granite I still have the right to an opinion about it.

    Its called having an audience.

  6. Hardwick is fond of saying that listeners consume this kind of content for free.

    The true economics of the situation paint a very different picture.

    If he can believe in Bitcoin he should be able to finally accept that we pay with our time and purchases from show sponsors.

    Without listeners/traffic= no advertisers/no dollars.

    The business side of everything is not a stand a lone private relationship between content creators and advertisers.

    You trade the traffic that listeners give You for money.


    Payment just not necessarily with american dollars.


    I should add- that I do not believe that gives each and every listener total ownership and an editorial voice

    but this blanket statement that "you consume it for free" is a bit too off the mark.

  7. Emily LITERRALY said- Fonzie bear.


    Fozzie - Fonzie- funny.

    Emily needs slim fast for the word literally.

    A truly for breakfast and actually for lunch and a sensible literally for dinner.

    But she is a great step in for Koo.

    Howard should be Animal.

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  8. Vannessa Ragland is awesome.

    She's like that girl you accidentally get pregnant in high school but she's such a cool girl you actually make it work and somehow stay together then like 10 years later you're the cool got it together young couple with a kid.


    Yeah- she's that kind of girl.