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  1. Ho-ly shit. This film is practically begging to be in a HDTGM episode for two reasons: Guy Pearce and some craptacular CGI sequences.


    Guy Pearce, who probably tried his best, plays a wise-ass CIA agent who's simply named 'Snow'.

    Snow is too cool for school, until he is wrongfully convicted of murder. Soon, his only chance at redemption is to except a one man mission to save the Presidents daughter from a maximum security prison...in space!


    I won't go into all the details and crazy, laughable shit that this movie takes you through. But think of the story as if Escape From New York and Die Hard had a baby... and then they shot that baby into space. Oh, and it's the future, like 2080 or something.


    Anyways, I personally think this film is ripe with material and fairly new.