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  1. I just watched this. I KNEW NOTHING GOING IN. Mind blown! The gang needs to do this movie and they should 100% not watch the trailer beforehand. I've been watching bad movies weekly for a year straight and this is by far top 3 craziest. Why did Christina Applegate agree to this film. seriously, HOW DID THIS GET MADE?!!

  2. His name is Matthew Silver and he's a street performer trying to get discovered.




    New topic. So there's this video going around that is being touted as "The Worst Local Commercial Ever". It totally isn't, but here's the link to the article on adweek:




    It reminded me of some awful local ad that I've seen, i think it was for a boutique fashion shop somewhere in the Northeast. Probably Long Island. I started hunting and found this gem:




    Not the clip I was looking for, but it reaffirms my belief that the worst local commercials were and are made in the Northeast. Primarily New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Honorable mention for the mid-atlantic DC metro area.


    PS, thanks JarryCanada for the clip posting tips.

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  3. Jake,


    Currently making my way through the podcast in chronological order. Generally your pop culture knowledge astounds me. You reference things that I have been explaining to people for 25 years. (I programmed the Apple IIE in our 6th grade computer class to speak the Fruity Pebbles rap). I just got to episode 13 and finally I know something you don't. Neil Young's Trans was not made because of cocaine or pressure from producers (really, what producer in their right mind would ask Neil Young to not make a Neil Young record?). He made it because his son Ben has Cerebral Palsy. The record explored technology as that was his means of communicating with his son, who cannot speak. Downer, I know. But Trans is still a dope record. The songs are catchy and fun. I just wish it had disco production rather than rock production, because it would have been a massive hit in Williamsburg in 2003. But maybe that's just me because I love weird disco and electro records by artists that shouldn't be making them, ie Kiss - Dynasty, Dr. John - Jet Set, Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary.

  4. Not sure how far you ever got with your search for Manakin, but I ran it by my friend Margaret (aka The Prog Lady).




    Here's what she had to say:



    The singer is Brent Williams, he's singing here too:


    Details on the Manakin album:

    Manakin, a band of porcelain people

    Type of Work:

    Musical work

    Registration Number / Date:

    PAu000495572 / 1983-04-01

    Date of Creation:



    Manakin, a band of porcelain people / words and music Brent Williams.


    1 sound cassette + lyrics (3 p.)

    Copyright Claimant:

    Brent Williams




    Brent Williams 1957-


    Read more: http://www.copyright.../#ixzz38Wx78Cmd


    I think he's from South Bay, one of the youtube commenters used to know him back in the day: https://www.youtube....user/jonsilence Says they shared an ex-girlfriend. Here's his youtube comment:


    5 years ago


    Unreal..twilight zone stuff... Me being a South Bay prog head, I knew the singer Brent... we shared the same girlfriend(RIP), loved all the same bands. And yet I never saw Manakin perform, so this is a treat. Where's Rod Serling? Or Michael Piper (RIP) ?????


    In that second youtube clip, the about says:


    After Roger Morris of Psychedelic Furs left the Furs he moved to Los Angeles California, finding young Guitarist Greg Carson , Keyboard player / Bass Player and songwriter Richard Larsen (Berlin), Then Drummer Fred Drake (we miss you Fred) and Brent Williams from Manakin on Vocals. Playing Los Angeles for about a year they were met with great response. Here is a rare video of their final show with these members at FM station in 1984.Teh song is Can You Tell It Was Me.



    The lone comment from reptile7bullseye is: "25 years ago. I can still tell it was you. Can you tell it was me?"


    He's obviously referencing the name of the song, but maybe he's also alluding to the fact that he was in the band? Just maybe it's Brent Williams himself??!!!

  5. Hi Jake,


    I'm listening to all the Episodes in order now from the beginning. On a Friday night. I hope you're happy. I'm on number 4 right now and it scares me how many of the clips that I can name one second in. I still regularly quote Crazy Calls and Freedom Rock and no one knows what the hell I'm talking about. Anyway, thanks. Here's another 80's TV gem, that probably needs to be revisited:





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  6. Just finished listening to the episode with Max Silvestri. In it, you guys talk about the new Virgin in-flight safety video. Have you not seen the goddamn 80's one that Delta did? Of course not, you rich dudes don't fly Delta. Here's what your missing: Gerald Casale, breakdancing, A.L.F.




    Whatever ad agency is behind this needs to take this all the way and license Garbage Pail Kids for the safety brochure.

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  7. My apologies if this has been covered by the show or if this clip has already been submitted, but it's absolute gold:



    Highlights from Wildwood, N.J.



    This is from a documentary about Wildwood NJ, that some genius made. I use this to explain to people from other places what the Philadelphia area is like. I HAVE WATCHED THIS OVER 500 TIMES. DE-EVOLUTION IS REAL, BECAUSE IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.




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  8. I am visiting Canada right now and someone brought this movie up as an example of something we wouldn't know about in the U of S. Ha! This was all over cable back in the day and it was crayyyyy crayyyyyy. OMG. Leave your kids at home to watch this? WTF? This movie? Watcher in the Woods? Garbage Pail Kids? No one cared about what kids watched back in the 80s. NO ONE. Also, the girl that started this post seems like a god damn genius and I want "romance" her genius brains out.

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  9. There are some good suggestions here, but seriously,


    Troll 2


    How has this not been done yet? It's bonkers. It's practically required that you do it.





    Alone in the Dark - starring Christian Slater and directed by Uwe Boll, haven't seen it, but it looks effing abysmal.


    Manos the Hands of Fate - Made by a Fertilizer Salesmen who had no formal training or experience in filmmaking.