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  1. I went to the twitter for 'Click' and DJ Bizzy follows him. Aaaaah. Is everyone a robot?
  2. I put google into youtube. And got a fun April fools video!
  3. pepperjack

    Episode 327 - Scrolling Through Your Corolla

    >Sunset and Alvarado By the Pioneer Chicken Stand?
  4. I prefer the Futurama version of Beautiful World: https://youtu.be/-7WGSaZUQwc
  5. pepperjack

    Episode 324 - Ironic Love Songs

    Shout out to DJ Scratchatory Rape.
  6. pepperjack

    Episode 323 - A Post-Black Sabbath World

    Amblin released a statement that said the dog didn't even go in the water that day. This guy has a in-depth analysis that I think is fair:
  7. pepperjack

    HDTGM All-Stars

    Ah, I'm paying attention, I swear. edit: Tony Jaa for xXx and Furious 7, then?
  8. pepperjack

    HDTGM All-Stars

    Danny Trejo in xXx, gets a bump to the rarefied air of 5 appearances.
  9. pepperjack

    Musical Mondays-Week 2-Hairspray

    I have fond memories of Harvey's, but I think I've only ever had poutine there. And possibly only after 2 or 3 or 7 beers. My memory is a bit fuzzy about the circumstances.
  10. pepperjack

    Musical Mondays-Week 2-Hairspray

    hired by the caaaaaaunty. *side note, Prez is played by Jim True-Frost, who was the 'hey buddy' elevator guy in Hudsucker Proxy.
  11. pepperjack

    Musical Mondays-Week 2-Hairspray

    There is a Baltimore accent. That might not be it, but I give him credit for trying. This is what a local accent sounds like, this woman shows up a lot in the Wire, I think, because her accent is natural: https://youtu.be/WqnqJskL6O4
  12. pepperjack

    Episode 317 - Christmas Problematics

    Andrew Ridgeley married one of the Banaramas, so he's doing pretty ok, I think. Trans Siberian Orchestra formed out of the metal band Savatage, so they have hard rock roots.
  13. pepperjack

    Episode 315 - Does God Like The Beatles?

    I've seen High Anxiety. It's not terrible. But it's pretty far from Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, etc...
  14. Was it Fun Buns who asked for books?
  15. pepperjack

    Episode 311 - Combat Conditions

    Rikishi wrestled in my neighborhood recently--it wasn't quite my backyard but it was about the same size. I didn't go.
  16. pepperjack

    Episode 309 - It's Okay, We're Vine

    If you want to take it a step further, there's a guy who does a whole website where he tracks down the locations of iconic album covers. He did a Billy Joel post including Streetlife Serenade (he's NYC-based, so I don't know if he's a big fan or it's just convenient--he does Dylan and The Who and The Clash so i'm prepared to let it slide) which has a building in San Pedro. http://www.popspotsnyc.com/streetlife_serenade/ Myself and few others folks responded about the Minutemen being from Pedro. I'm not sure if he said he would look at Double Nickels on the Dime specifically, but I did some preliminary street view research myself because I think it's a fun thing. I'd really like to ask her if she knows exactly where the cover photo was taken. It might not look anything like it did in the early 80's (see his post for the cover of Blonde on Blonde if you want to see how much an area can change in 20 or 30 years).
  17. pepperjack

    Episode 309 - It's Okay, We're Vine

    You guys! I went and saw 'stard play with Honus Honus at the Ottobar last night. Good times.
  18. pepperjack

    Episode 308 - Shared Footfalls

    Team SE checking in.
  19. Dead Again, directed by Kenneth Branagh!
  20. pepperjack

    Episode 306 - Bro v. Wade

    The Ottobar! I am there Brett.
  21. pepperjack

    Episode 306 - Bro v. Wade

    Totally watched There Will be Blood on Netflix just to hear the 'We gain nothing by losing our heads' line.
  22. pepperjack

    Episode 305 - Strudel Westerns

    I liked Big Fish. If anything it's too sappy.
  23. I don't like it when mom and dad fight.
  24. Awww. Rod Stewart wrote some great songs early on. Also he wrote 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy.' Later is when he turned into a juke box.
  25. I had no idea he was the bad guy in Highlander. That's a decent resume of roles!