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  1. A while ago I wrote a lengthy post about "Candy Claus," which gets all of my votes for worst Christmas special ever.




    There is a buffet of hatability in this cartoon. But if I had to pick one moment from this steaming pile that represents why it's so bad, peep this segment, where a group of elves debates what they must do about the titular character. Samuel Beckett wished he could have displayed as much existential hopelessness as the one elf in this seen who says, in an emotionless monotone, "I don't know what to do. I give up. But something's got to be done."


  2. This commercial for Transformers aired in 1985, during a block of Halloween specials on CBS. In other words, 8 full weeks before Christmas. And yet, Alex Karras (aka Webster's Dad, aka Mungo from Blazing Saddles) warns parents they better buy these things NOW "where there's still a good selection" if they want to give them out under the tree. Keep in mind, this is just a year after the infamous Yuletide Cabbage Patch Kids riots, where parents beat the shit out of each other in toy stores. So scare tactics like this could have been pretty effective.


    Also, Karras lip syncing "robots in disguise" and continuing on like nothing happened still blows my damn mind.