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  1. fishmandog

    Episode BO2013.2 — Best of 2013 Pt 2

    If one of the bonus clips isn't Neil's rap about taking children from the pool to his house to teach them about sexuality, then I'm gonna go crazy.
  2. fishmandog

    Episode BO2013.1 — Best of 2013 Pt 1

    Less than 10 minutes and they're already singing "Touch Me." This bodes well for the rest of the ep
  3. It is SPICYYY. But I love it. Think green hot sauce.
  4. fishmandog

    Episode 262 — 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    Classic [insert any situation] blunder.
  5. fishmandog

    CBB Live Tour Episodes

    As an audience member at the SF show, I would recommend the episode for Werner Herzog's Yelp review of The Majestic Hotel. Worth the price of admission alone.
  6. fishmandog

    Episode 244 — An Ode To New York!

    Let's go Oakland! clap clap clap clap clap clap
  7. fishmandog

    Episode 229 — Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    I literally was singing this to my girlfriend a week or two ago. Hearing Scott and Ben sing it made me jump and down with joy when I heard it. Now, CBB has to put on Little Shop as its fall musical. Did I mention this episode was top to bottom glorious? I want to be in a room with these 3.
  8. fishmandog

    Episode 225 — Super Chums

    This was great! I really like the energy that two brought. It is actually pretty refreshing to hear two completely new people. BRING US MORE NOOBIES
  9. In this week's backseat CBBing: Totally expected the "Hoo-Too" turning into a Hutu and Tutsi/Hotel Rwanda thing. If only. I want to hear Scott's take on genocide.
  10. fishmandog

    Episode 216 — Top of the Schaal To You!

    http://names.whitepages.com/Buford/Dorsey This guy checks out.
  11. fishmandog

    CBB Subreddit

    If you're into the whole reddity thing, join us on here! Trying to get this subreddit off the ground. Cause you most certainly need another outlet for your fandom, I assure you. http://www.reddit.com/r/comedybangbang/
  12. fishmandog

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    New No No! If you don't understand Paul Rust's humor, I'm not going to understand your humor! Hey, SirFatty, I don't get YOUR podcast appearances! NEW NO NO
  13. fishmandog

    Episode 208 — Zombie Candles

    Nothing would have made me happier than a Plane Break. Make it happen next time, engineers!
  14. fishmandog

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    The real question is who do you think should play their future lovechild that absolutely MUST appear on their next appearance together?
  15. fishmandog

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Let's get to the real question surrounding this episode: WHAT WAS THE MYSTERIOUS ADDITION TO THE PLUG BAG THEME?
  16. fishmandog

    Episode 192 — GoodFelines

    You really should check out some segments from the real California's Gold. The impression is so absurdly accurate that it makes the show even more hilarious. A personal favorite is one where he visits an In-N-Out Burger. Trust me, the Secret Menu boggles his mind.