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  1. Looking back, I wish that Lucius Charms had accepted the limerick suggestion of "U2." From Liverpool there once were four lads, You have seen them in those iPod ads. They'd all put on suits, and get on their boots, And play music for all of our dads.
  2. I was the guy who said β€œforawhileee"!! My big claim to fame.
  3. fishmandog

    EPISODE 219 β€” Live From Cobb's Comedy Club

    Wasn't expecting How to start talking about the actual neighborhood I live in! I should have been there so I could defend the lovely Fruitvale.
  4. I really hope this doesn't spoil it for anyone....but....it was a C+ ep.
  5. fishmandog

    Episode 327 β€” Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

    That is one of the lines. In actuality, that part goes: "Would you like a Cadillac car? Or a guest shot, on Jack Parr? How 'bout a date with Hedy Lamar? You're gonna get it." Source: I played the voice of the Plant in high school.
  6. I am gonna be one of those weirdos seeing this live. I. can't. wait.
  7. For the record, Scott totally did say "Myspache."
  8. Did everyone catch Scott's brief "Donk" near the end of the 'sode?
  9. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/stainds-aaron-lewis-berates-ahole-concertgoers-for-molesting-crowd-surfing-girl-video/ New update!
  10. New discovery: in Episode 2, first five minutes, Scott brings up Superman 3 and Scott does not admit that he had never seen it! We had to wait this many episodes for the truth!!
  11. Also also, the only reason I know the song "Outside" by Staind was from the "Angry White Boy Polka." Thanks Vicar of Yanks!
  12. "Is This U2?" should become a new game on Comedy Bang Bang. Also, this podcast seriously has the potential to go on forever. Take any comedian. Take music of any kind. Take the Scotts. Rinse, repeat.
  13. It is definitely a reference to the line from the song "Kyle Quit the Band." Couldn't split up Kato and Nash (That's true) Couldn't split up Tango and Cash (That's also true!) PFT, of course, played in Tenacious D's HBO show the role of the host/club manager where Tenacious D would often play. And (spoilers) in the Tenacious D movie he is Satan.
  14. This podcast runs my life. I was innocently listening to Girl Talk, when this track came on: As soon as around 3:55 or so came on, I immediately wondered if Scott and Scott would approve.
  15. fishmandog

    Episode 286 β€” Time Bobby 3

    I also heard a bit of Audrey from Little Shop.
  16. fishmandog

    Episode 286 β€” Time Bobby 3

    It really is a shame that Bobby can't do more shows, since he is obviously a (super) fan. At least now we know what will happen when we approach Scott referencing our favorite obscure characters (he will vaguely remember them).
  17. I want this podcast to have a new episode every week for the rest of my life and then I want it to keep going so all my future little boys can listen to it while they become big boys.
  18. fishmandog

    Episode 285 β€” Solo Bolo

    Good god. How dare Scott sit on this (much like one sits on a dick) for so long before releasing it to the starving masses! This episode made me want to go into one of those rooms in public where you are totally allowed to touch your dick for a little of the ol' solo bolo action myself.
  19. All this U2 talk means that Patrick and the gang should meet Clive Dundee. He could be talking U2...TO ME?
  20. I'm glad that someone other than my friends and I have realized how much comedic potential lies within the way people from Australia/New Zealand respond in the negative. We've always spelled it as "noyu." So fun to say.
  21. fishmandog

    Episode 264 β€” Creating A Krolliverse

    Christian Slater really did kill it on this episode.
  22. fishmandog

    Episode 264 β€” Creating A Krolliverse

    Wasn't really feeling this episode. I love Kroll, but I'd like to either see some new characters from him/have him focus on only one. Wasn't really feeling all the switches. Call me a purist, but I like my characters to walk in/have shown up during the break, not just all of a sudden start talking. Regular Jenny Slate is funny, and Pretty Liz is funny in bursts on Kroll show, but not so much on CBB.
  23. Fantastic news. I've always loved Pardo, but I had never really sought out his podcast (it seemed prolific, and I feel bad when I can't start from the beginning). Now that it is free and conveniently on Earwolf where I already go, well hell, sign me up!
  24. fishmandog

    Episode 263 β€” Hollywild

    I'm pretty sure that's what he was referencing too. Since he just said "San Francisco!" in a strange, Huell-esque voice.