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    "That's also true", I think developed, spontaneously during a PFT appearance on CBB.


    It is definitely a reference to the line from the song "Kyle Quit the Band."



    Couldn't split up Kato and Nash (That's true)

    Couldn't split up Tango and Cash (That's also true!)


    PFT, of course, played in Tenacious D's HBO show the role of the host/club manager where Tenacious D would often play. And (spoilers) in the Tenacious D movie he is Satan.

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  2. Good god. How dare Scott sit on this (much like one sits on a dick) for so long before releasing it to the starving masses! This episode made me want to go into one of those rooms in public where you are totally allowed to touch your dick for a little of the ol' solo bolo action myself.

  3. Wasn't really feeling this episode. I love Kroll, but I'd like to either see some new characters from him/have him focus on only one. Wasn't really feeling all the switches. Call me a purist, but I like my characters to walk in/have shown up during the break, not just all of a sudden start talking. Regular Jenny Slate is funny, and Pretty Liz is funny in bursts on Kroll show, but not so much on CBB.