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  1. I'm late to this, but you can get Coffee Crisp bars at World Market stores and Harris Teeter supermarkets if you're in the south.
  2. Herself

    Episode 137.5 - Minisode 137.5

    Well, I was ~25 minutes in to Dragonheart when I bailed and came here. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna watch a Jennifer Lopez movie.
  3. Much like Dave's parents' views on Footloose, I wasn't allowed to watch the show One Day at a Time as a child because the lead character was divorced. And I really like Disturbed's cover of Sound of Silence
  4. Jeez, guys, I'm never gonna get that Toto song out of my head now!
  5. Regarding Steve Guttenberg being sexy, I feel like he was always pushed as a sexy comedic lead. Weren't his characters always the charming funny guy that gets the girl? So even if you don't find him sexy, I think we were supposed to believe he was.
  6. Herself

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I'd like to put in a suggestion of Matt Braunger
  7. Herself

    Season 3: Game 1 - Pistol Shrimps 4/5/16

    "Brain leave-you-alones" just made me laugh like a loon at my desk. Good thing my coworkers already think I'm a nut!
  8. Herself

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    I don't get the crankiness about live episodes. Yes, it's a bummer not being able to see everything, but somebody generally posts a picture or video. But I find myself looking forward to live shows more now because, as performers, the hosts & guests are even better in front of an audience! That being said, I'd be stupid happy if they recorded the live shows on video like Gilmore Guys.
  9. Herself

    Episode 130.5 - Minisode 130.5

    Have they said when the episode is coming out? Did I miss an announcement?
  10. Herself

    Episode 130.5 - Minisode 130.5

    This feels like an ABC Family TV show. And I can't tell the two male leads apart either.
  11. Herself

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    30 minutes in and I'm ready to throw in the towel. I lived thru the 80s and this is causing hideous flashbacks! Is there any reason to keep going?
  12. Herself

    Episode 127.5 - Minisode 127.5

    I'm sorry that there isn't a better way to say this, but ARE YOU MAD???????? The story was tragically boring, the dialogue awful, the songs were atrocious, and the acting was worse than high school play bad! Everyone delivered their lines like robots! I hated this so much, I want to punch someone
  13. Re: the rum-soaked raisins thing, golden raisins soaked in gin is a folk cure for joint pain/arthritis.
  14. Herself

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    " My Kazaam rap name obviously would be Jinnuwine" Hate to nitpick, but it would be 'Djinnuwine'.
  15. I hate this. I hate everyone involved in this. This sent me back in time to make my six-year-old self hate Star Wars! What the serious FUCK? Why did I watch it all the way thru? Why was Harvey Korman... why Bea Arthur... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?
  16. Little 11 or 12-y/o me wanted to see the movie Annie SOOOO BADLY when it came out! I was so excited! Maybe halfway thru the movie, I left & walked around the lobby for a while because it was so bad. So much disappointment... I have since seen the play and realize that it's not good either.
  17. Herself

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Nothing to do with the movie, but I was just watching this week's Drunk History and while the commercials were playing I heard Jason. He's doing a voiceover for Totino's pizza rolls! Either that or I'm obsessed and hearing voices. Which isn't entirely impossible.
  18. Herself

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Yay, original theme!!!!!!!!
  19. Introduced my dad to Race to Escape this weekend. My mother is not excited about him having yet another reason to scream at the TV. Because it was an hour of "JUST POP THE DAMN BALLOON! WHAT ISTHAT GUY DOING????" Thanks for indirectly giving me another way to disappoint my mom.
  20. Herself

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    Why do people in the audience feel it's okay to just yell out all the time? It would never, ever occur to me to interrupt people onstage by randomly screaming out thoughts. It's really rude & very distracting.
  21. Herself

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    I can't do another Sharknado. The first one was bad, but just bad. I felt they were trying so, so hard in the second one to be obviously cheesy that it turned me off and I bailed after about 20 minutes.
  22. How much fun was this episode?!
  23. Herself

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    This movie was awful! So much hate! Mila Kunis didn't react appropriately to any situation. I've only seen 2.5 of her films; has she ever been able to act? On a weird note, why is she so heavily made up in every movie? Did anyone see that terrible Oz movie? In both flicks, she has eye makeup slathered on with a trowel!
  24. Herself

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Was anyone else hoping for a Paul F. Tompkins hat trick?